Friday, September 17, 2010

The new Gutenberg battle

The below excerpts are taken from a fascinating 1 hour 48 minutes audio interview which started very technically on economy and after minute 34:10 shifted to the subject of the Jewish Question and how to avoid Alex Linder’s futuristic scenario of exterminationist anti-Semitism.

James Bowery interviewed by Jim Giles:

We are essentially living under a theocracy. I call it Holocaustianity but other people call it political correctness. It’s essentially a canon of morals that have taken over Christianity, and the primary sins of this religion involve “racism” which is an undefined word, and anti-Semitism, etcetera (sexism is certainly down their list; it is like a venial sin, it is not a mortal sin). So people have been indoctrinated in this by the media and the academia. The government has passed legislation about these morals to make them violation of law. So people are essentially in a medieval mindset, living in a theocracy. It’s just that it is not operating under that name. There is a theory about how human ecologies work that has been given absolute authority over the entire land as opposed to relegating it to its appropriate place which would be at a state level, you know. (If a state wants to take on a multicultural experiment and, you know, have all this stuff where you have to have contracts with people of whatever status [or races] they think, the state could take off and do that and then choose, by example, how wonderfully that works, as California to as some extent right now.) But right now people are essentially in a State where there cannot be a Protestant Reformation. You can’t have other religions than this State religion of political correctness (39:40).

Let me go back to my point about the theocracy, and the dissolution of the theocracy in Europe. The Gutenberg press created a situation in which the monopoly of the Church on the written word was broken. A large portion of what the Church was about was media control. So through the media control they could indoctrinate the populations and maintain, you know, a revenue stream, etc. The Gutenberg press broke that. Now all of a sudden you get lots of other voices. As I said, I have been working in this Internet stuff since the early days and... (1:29:42) I knew this time was coming. The Internet is the new Gutenberg press. And the theocracy is being taken apart because its control of the media is being taken apart. And we are getting a new Protestant Reformation and following on the heels of that, people are going to say: “Look: We have our own beliefs... This is the way things should be.” Even the Jesuits just couldn’t stand up to that. I don’t think the Jews can’t either. (1:31:35).

* * *

A paper codex of the acclaimed 42-line Bible, Gutenberg's major work

On 11 September 2009 I began a careful reading of the new Gutenberg press. The result of a year of reading white nationalist sites (plus another year of reading counter-jihad blogs) can be summarized in the list below. Although the entries are placed in such order that they can be read like a book of many authors, the couple of bold-typed posts (#6 and #8) are important. I played the role of a kind of editor with only a modest original contribution to the subject of:

The West’s darkest hour

1. (epigraphs)

2. European race seriously facing extinction

3. Guillaume Faye’s “Mars & Hephaestus”

4. Kevin MacDonald’s slow awakening

5. The rise of the Jews and modern anti-Semitism

6. MacDonald’s “Jewish Involvement in Communism”

7. A lightning in the middle of the night!

8. Hitler

9. Earl Turner vs. Jared Taylor

10. On exterminationist anti-Semitism

11. Tanstaafl on Auster

12. Tanstaafl et al on Takuan Seiyo

13. Seiyo’s magnum opus

14. Liberalism: the most destructive ideology that has ever been

15. Conservative Swede’s Weltanschauung

16. Abraham vs. Casanova’s “Game”

17. On women

18. The Crown of the Evolution

19. The Crown of Evolution revisited

20. The sin against the holy ghost

21. Elves betray their UK to orc hordes

22. Fuck Sweden!

23. What is to be done?


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Thank you Guruji! Your website is refreshingly intelligent and I look forward to exploring the list of stimulating reading you've prepared.

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Thank you for efforts making this great site.

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I wish I could read the heading of your blog. The type is black and the background is dark. It sounds like you may have a deeper understanding from the few words I could make out.

Chechar said...

Dear Susan,

In a PC it’s possible just to highlight and read the text. In a Mac it doesn’t work that well but still it’s possible to copy and paste it to Word. This is the masthead:

“A Judeo-liberal system is ethnically cleansing Caucasians through massive, non-white immigration. Whites are a threatened species. Our entire civilization is under the grip of a new theocracy, the belief that non-discrimination — race, gender and sexual orientation — is the highest value of society: a suicidal ideology. The 21st century will be the darkest midnight of the world. We either gain a sense of ourselves or we are going extinct. White Nationalism, our only hope...”

Hope it helps :)