Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Abraham vs. Casanova’s “Game”

A recent post by Hunter Wallace,
“The Elusive Traditional Woman,”
prompted me to write part of the below
reply. But first I will quote two sentences
of Wallace’s essay. The first sentence is—

About Women:

American women tend to ruin themselves these days. There are fewer incentives than ever before for a man to settle down with one woman. Marriages don’t last. Divorces can cripple a man financially. It is harder than ever before to raise children in this degenerate culture. Here’s reality as it exists: what American man wants to settle down with an American woman who has slept with 15+ other guys, who is going to divorce him in four or five years, who is going to take all his money, who has an insolent, self-centered attitude, who doesn’t have the personality required for marriage and childrearing?
The second sentence is About Men:
Alphas are men who sleep with lots of women, who are naturally attractive to women, and who can have any woman they desire; Betas are men who are less attractive to women, who pick one woman and have children, and who are the stable household providers; Gammas/Omegas are frustrated men who are not attractive to women and who don’t have any sexual partners.
The above vocabulary comes from what is called “Game,” or adapting to the sexual marketplace. I agree with one of the commenters at Occidental Dissent (OD) that from a moral standpoint elevating “degenerate behavior”—what I call Neanderthal behavior—by calling it “Alpha” implies the wrong standard, and that calling men who engage in traditional relationships “betas” is also extremely deceiving.

I have avoided the subject of what is called “Game” because it strikes me as outright degenerate and unworthy of civilized white nationalists (only Judaized WASPs open their veins by playing such a suicidal game).

A few days ago I watched the DVD version of the 1959 film Journey to the Center of the Earth, which I had seen as a child on the silver screen. A deep nostalgia invaded me while seeing how Alec McEwen (Pat Boone) woos Lindenbrook’s niece Jenny (Diane Baker). Paraphrasing Spock [a liberal commenter at OD] I would say just the opposite: for reasonable men the ideal is a woman with no experience, a “clueless virgin” just like the one in the movie I liked so much as a child.

To demonstrate why the traditional marriage is for winners and “sex games” for losers, let’s indulge in the language of science.

In biology, success is measured by the number of descendants that an organism leaves. But since most of all of the descendants of a Don Juan who doesn’t care for his offspring may die prematurely, this definition is tentative and must be modified. Oxford zoologist David Lack argued that, for each species, natural selection favors the size of the offspring that results in the most of them surviving to maturity: a more accurate definition.

But we can further define fitness as the relative (i.e., compared to the other guys, including the so-called “alphas”) ability of a male to survive and leave offspring that themselves survive and leave offspring. This is standard biological theory, and what matters most is not the actual value of a male’s fitness in terms of the number of his progeny that survive to reproduce, but which individuals have higher fitness than others.

Here’s where the critics of “gamers” are right when applying this definition to Homo sapiens. From the fitness viewpoint, what is the quality of living for human bastards (David Lack studied birds)? In our species fitness is a relative measure, with the fittest humans in a population being assigned the value 1. Alas, our enemies, the Jews, are #1 according to this definition. But there’s a positive side to it: Take heed of their lifestyles! Traditional Jews aren’t Casanova-esque alphas!

If the fittest human male in a population is assigned the value 1, I would call that guy Abraham (“I will multiply your seed as the stars of heaven”, Exodus 32:13). All other individuals have their fitness expressed as fractions or proportions of 1 compared to the Abraham paradigm, who was everything except a degenerate “alpha” male or a Don Juan. One of the reasons white nationalists must like Hitler and the Nazis is because they tried to turn Nordish people... into Number One.

My comment at OD ends with the above provocative sentence. But in fact we don’t need Nazism. Reverting to the 1950s plus WASPs gaining a solid ethnic consciousness would do it.

In the OD thread, another commenter said that “Game” is just another example of the liberals’ poisonous way of looking at things. However, since adolescents and young men are still fond of so-called “alphas”—as wrongly defined in today’s degenerate culture (the real alpha is the Aryan equivalent to Abraham)—, let’s ponder a little about the life of who is presumably the iconic case of “alpha” male in the West.

When my grandma was born, adolescents envied Casanova. But when later in my life I read a little of him I realized that, like every Don Juan, Casanova was a loser. “He will spend the night with the most pitiful harlot,” writes Stefan Zweig in his psychobiography about Casanova, “rather than sleep alone.”
We can hardly be surprised to find that the quality of his feminine provision is not always of the best… Enough for him, generally speaking, that she should be woman, vagina, his polar opposite in matters of sex, formed by nature to enable him to discharge his libido… Casanova’s collection is anything but a gallery of beauty.
This is the antithesis of what I believe: a monogamous, lasting marriage inspired by Nordish female beauty. Casanova, on the other hand, was never really in love with anyone, and to boot he could not have bought women if we imagine him without his money. In fact, the Don Juan archetype, equipped above all with callousness, is the sworn enemy of women. According to Zweig, it is the person that women loathe and project onto the whole male sex. Like Casanova, the Neanderthals I happen to know don’t discriminate among women. “In wartime,” a Mexican saying goes, “any hole is a trench.” In Casanova’s maximum opus readers can see the same troglodytic view of women, from underage teenagers to shriveled women in their sixties: mere masturbatory objects. Awful…

Despite his countless coitus Casanova didn’t invest in his future in the traditional form of a warm family. We find him, in his old age, with syphilis at the shadow of an Austrian nobleman. Without his money women did not respect him. His last refuge was to write his memoirs, but during his lifespan no one pays attention to his manuscripts. The man wrote folio after folio for twelve hours a day for seven years only as a defense mechanism. “It was the only way in which I could hinder myself from becoming crazy,” confesses the old hermit.
For seven years I have been doing nothing else than write my memoirs… I look forward to being rational enough in my last illness to have all the manuscript burnt before my eyes.
But Casanova didn’t do it and naive people glorified the adventures of this failed man after he died.


Chechar said...

At OD Reginald Thompson took issue with my comment and I replied:

@ “In our species fitness is a relative measure, with the fittest humans in a population being assigned the value 1. Alas, our enemies, the Jews, are #1 under this definition.”

“No they aren’t. From a fitness standpoint the FLDS Mormons and Yemenis are easily superior to even the Orthodox Jews.” - Reginald Thompson

You missed the key phrase in my comment: “What matters most is not the actual value of a male’s fitness in terms of the number of his progeny that survive to reproduce, but which individuals have HIGHER fitness than others.”

When I wrote the above phrase I had in mind IQ studies. Because of their higher IQ, Jews produce individuals with higher fitness than others. Unlike the prolific Mormons and Yemenis, look at the Jews in the American media, academia and even in both the GOP and Democratic parties. Jews are the most adapted ethnic group because they created a religion based upon ethnicity; and natural selection in tough times created the Ashkenazis.

When eugenic pressure is strong enough, mutations creating higher intelligence occur (I guess this might start to happen to WASPs once they realize in the 2040s that they have been ill served with the population replacement policies pushed by ther natural competitors, the Ashkenazis).

I used the Abraham myth and not the Greek one—even though my real name, that John Walters disclosed above, comes from the Greco-Roman tradition—because after their golden age the Greeks stupidly miscigenated; while the Jews are notorious for preventing it. Also, the Greeks miscigenated for the bad with North Africans, a practice that hardly produces the “HIGHER fitness” in my definition of the successful man above. Conversely, the Ashkenazis miscigenated for the good with Caucasians.

I mentioned Hitler and the Nazis precisely because they tried to create a sort of eugenic ideology, symmetrical in some sense to non-Gentiles’ religion, but for the Nordish people.

It may not be too late to pick up their insights.

Puru said...

Chechar check out this hugely informative and illuminating collection of articles with regard to the destructive role of Jewry & Christianity for the White race & culture, by Revilo Pendleton Oliver, one of the early champions of the White Nationalist cause.
Greetings from a brown-skinned guy from India.... keep up the good work..... I am ideologically very supportive of White racial interests for the sake of the whole darn civilization.......

Rollory said...

re alpha/beta, this is terminology taken straight out of biology, with reference to wolf packs and great ape family groupings and similar things. Whether you or the OD crowd approve or disapprove is completely irrelevant. It is the correct terminology if one wishes to communicate previously established concepts - which is, after all, the entire point of language.

If you feel strongly enough about it, and are capable of convincing a critical mass of biologists who study sexual groupings to use different terminology, then there is something to discuss. Until then, you (and the OD crowd, who I'm not going to even bother trying to argue with) are just throwing a tantrum.

As for ignoring the reality of what women find attractive (and thus, aspects of basic human nature) because you don't like it and it offends your delicate sensibilities, that's even stupider. It is exactly the same sort of thinking as liberals who refuse to face biological differences between the races because it offends THEIR delicate sensibilities. Anyone capable of seeing through one falsehood should be capable of seeing through the other.

That you do not like what Game reveals about human nature is, again, completely irrelevant. We may not like that black people are on average less intelligent and more violent than white people, but pretending that there is no difference and treating blacks as though they had the nature of whites is the height of folly. You (and OD) are advocating precisely the same thing with regard to women: ignoring reality.

Trying to lie to reality is a crime that always is punished precisely to the correct extent.

Chechar said...

Gosh. You missed my whole point. We are not wolves and the offspring of a stable, traditional marriage are better equipped for life than Casanova’s bastards.

Was that simple point really hard to grasp?

Donald said...

Rollory, with acknowledgement to what Chechar has already said, nobody denies that alpha/beta are used to describe animal behaviors among pack animals and holds validity in that regard.

What you're trying to do is make a wholesale comparison between the social organization of wolves and apes with humans. Please find me that critical mass of biologists who agree that such comparisons are valid. Can you tell me how the modern technocratic society of humans is anything like a pack of wolves? You could just answer this: who is the Alpha Male of human society? Can you see how absurd your line of thinking is yet?

Certain analogies may be valid, but wholesale comparisons such as what you're endorsing are most certainly not.

Just because "game" is associated with breaking certain feminist taboos doesn't automatically mean it is legitimately constructed. Merely being in opposition to feminists and whoever else doesn't cut it.

Furthermore, those of us who are intelligent enough to read and understand what the scientists actually are writing on animal behavior and oppose the shoddy intellectualism behind "game" because we actually do understand it aren't the ones denial.

As I mentioned on the OD blog, this seems to be the typical crowd on gamer/HBD blogs: That would go a long way in explaining why there is such an incredibly distorted view of sexuality among that particular group.

Anonymous said...

I am beginning to think arranged marriages are a good idea or at least match making where you don't have to marry,but people in the older generation will help set people up who they think are a good match. Many guys aren't good at the BS that goes on in this society.

I see an Indian supports the white race. I have had that told to me by an Indian also. I think many Indians think they that.

Anonymous said...

"I agree with one of the commenters at Occidental Dissent (OD) that from a moral standpoint elevating “degenerate behavior”—what I call Neanderthal behavior—by calling it “Alpha” implies the wrong standard, and that calling men who engage in traditional relationships “betas” is also extremely deceiving."
I agree. The people who are called Alphas today are phony Alphas-liars who trick women into sleeping with them and who don't care about anyone or society.

check out "The Co Alpha Brotherhood" site.

Chechar said...

Yes: and the other day a mulatto guy in South America loved my white nationalist rant in YouTube. If I ever reach power, I would certainly save those people from unnecessary stress (in the day of the rope). I sincerely like them.

What saddens me of those WNs who swallow the alpha myth is that they believe the same liberal poison that has destroyed our culture in the first place. It goes without saying that instead of such degenerates the paradigm of a successful man should something like this captain in Salzburg in one of the most acclaimed movies of all time.

Donald said...

The whole alpha/beta dichotomy has been given a smashing blow. I just saw this article being discussed on the racehist blog -,8599,2007250,00.html?xid=rss-fullhealthsci-yahoo

Relevant excerpt - The debate has its roots in 1940s studies of captive wolves gathered from various places that, when forced to live together, naturally competed for status. Acclaimed animal behaviorist Rudolph Schenkel dubbed the male and female who won out the alpha pair. As it turns out, this research was based on a faulty premise: wolves in the wild, says L. David Mech, founder of the Minnesota-based International Wolf Center, actually live in nuclear families, not randomly assembled units, in which the mother and father are the pack leaders and their offspring's status is based on birth order. Mech, who used to ascribe to alpha-wolf theory but has reversed course in recent years, says the pack's hierarchy does not involve anyone fighting to the top of the group, because just like in a human family, the youngsters naturally follow their parents' lead.

As Rollory admits, the whole "game" philosophy is based upon the idea that this is the behavior of wolf packs, as if somehow humans are just like wolves. Now we see that even that can't be taken as fact.

In short, the entire rhetorical foundation of "game" has been destroyed.

Chechar said...

My last post in a Mangan’s thread about “game” epitomes my point:

@ “I don't understand any of these comments.” - Rick Darby

It’s because it’s a threaded discussion of a discussion started in other threads and in other blogs. In a nutshell, it’s about haughty chest-beating gorillas and ostentatious deep-red-chest monkeys that, inverting elemental reality, fancy their harems as “alpha” behavior and look down to our traditional family values. They call us “virgins” even if we have lots of kids in a traditional setting.

Elsewhere I noted that pop music—actually noise pollution—is everywhere: in the shops, hairdresser stores, cafes, restaurants, public transportation, business waiting rooms, on-hold telephone signals; and that just by listening to it I “know” for sure that the West is committing cultural suicide. When Solzhenitsyn visited the U.S. he said something similar, but no one understood him. He also said he preferred Franco’s Spain than the France of the 1970s, but no one understood him.

Music is only one of the psychological markers from which Lot (son of Abraham’s brother Haran) could know if a culture is degenerating. Another marker is sexual mores.

This family scene with the Von Trapp family, which took me a while to upload to YouTube (it’s heavily copyright protected), is the antithesis of the current degeneration. It conveys why all and each one of us who identify with traditional culture in our civilization must fight. Yes: it’s a Hollywood idealization of Salzburg, but since I have just re-read The World of Yesterday, which recounts how the REAL Salzburg was, Zweig’s own town, I see no harm to make a point with an image from one of the most beloved films by female westerners before our the culture degenerated even further.

Not to mention Plummer and Andrews dancing the Ländler. Every time I see it, albeit in homely mini-screens so far from those great old theaters of yore, I can only think of its antithesis: the heinous “disco” dancing and the game playing of today through which, compared with the elegance from a bygone era, makes it all-too evident that the westerners have lowered to truly Gomorrean cultural nadirs.

If Zweig resurrected from his grave and watched those Casanova-like lifestyles, it would be obvious for him that those who are fond of it are in their final stages of civilizational exhaustion, cultural suicide and spiritual death.

Petronius did not save Rome, nor will promiscuous gamers save America.