Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Elves betray their UK to orc hordes

Conservatism is the survival and enhancement of particular peoples and their institutionalized cultural expressions. I don’t care that I am not an Aryan: Nordish female beauty, especially the English roses, is what moves me to defend the West.

To win a spiritual battle the source of ultimate power is Eros. Here there are a few of my exchanges in the Gates of Vienna (GoV) forum on the subject that touches me the most:

Chechar said...
What I find it most shocking is that the most beautiful specimens of Homo sapiens, such as the English roses, are breeding below the replacement level while, at the same time, the West imports masses of non-Caucasians into its lands. This is enough trauma for me—but apparently not for the native European, American or GoV commenter. Why??

Self-identity starts with one’s own phenotype, and our main instinct ought to be the preservation of our genotype. Will Durant wrote that nations are born stoic and die epicurean. Today’s degenerate and epicurean westerner apparently gives a damn for the elementals of self-esteem and self-image: the phenotype of our stoic forefathers.

Isn’t the most beautiful race the one that gives birth to the white women? Plato once wrote that Eros is the dialectic force. If the core of self-identity is no longer our driving force, we are in deep trouble. The commentariat at GoV and Robert Spencer’s blogs are extremely afraid to touch the race card. But then, if Eros is no longer our driving force we are, psychogenically speaking, already dead.

Félicie said...
What is tragic is that person after person after person after person (all white people, of course) tells me with a beatific smile on (usually her) lips: “the future world will be brown, and that is a beautiful thing.” When I carefully ask (because you have to be very careful these days asking these questions): “and are you OK with this?” the answer is invariably, “yes, I am totally fine with this—the new brown human being will be beautiful (because race-mixing is very healthy) and this will, as well, put an end to racism, hatred, and violence.” When I hear this, I despair. Can you save people who don’t care about being saved? How is it even possible to create this new suicidal breed? Why am I different then? My parents didn’t lecture me on the merits of race preservation.

Chechar said...
I am shocked. Do most people in your country believe this?

I’ll try, if the Baron allows me, to publish my stuff on the whys of self-hatred (among white women). If what you say is true, anti-white racism is becoming a religion for whites. And that’s why, paradoxically, I welcome Islamization: these brutes might serve as catalysts for the big paradigm shift against immigration and anti-white racism.

Félicie said...
“Do most people in your country believe this?”

I’ve heard this many, many times from people in Sweden and the U.S. But I do certainly hope that it is the minority that has acquired this scary belief. How does one find out the real number, anyway? I have a feeling that it’s mostly educated people in big cities who don’t mind being replaced. I get a sense that there are more women than men among them.

Chechar said...
O ye women who used to be the very crown of evolution now despise your gene pool! Fortunately you, Félicie, are not among them.

Homophobic Horse said...
Don’t be intimidated by them. The one word open shut case and unanswerable riposte to these reconstructed race supremacists is this: Mexico. The Mexican ethnos is a mix of black, white, and American Indian/Asian and it doesn’t seem to have resulted in a utopia. South America in general is like that.

Conservative Swede said...
Chechar: “I wish I could be as optimistic as you Con Swede. But I really fear for the worst: ethnic dwarfness and cultural takeover.”

Well, the whole point is that it takes “the worst” before the thick heads of the collective mind will shift. Catastrophe, chaos, trauma, etc. as we said. And much of what you describe has already happened. Ethnic dwarfness—people of European descent used to constitute 30% of the people on this planet (in the 1950s). Now we are down to a little more than 10%. However, even if we go as low as 5% before the turnaround comes, that’s still not the end of things. And we have had a lot of cultural takeover already (see the articles of this blog). The only thing that is remaining of the old order (the happy 1950s) is the collective illusion that everything is fine. It’s when this goes away that a turnaround can happen.

The point is that we are doing these things to ourselves. Watching Eagle talks about “the end of the world as we know it.” I just can’t wait to see “the end of the world as we know it.” “The world as we know it” is exactly what is the problem.

The good news is that there are many catastrophic events in store for the coming five years, which have great potential in not only tearing apart the collective illusion of the bubble, but actually make sever cracks in the institutions upholding the current order and paradigm.

* * *

Policy Exchange poll:
• 86% of UK Muslims consider “my religion to be the most important thing in my life”.

• 37% of Muslims aged 16-24 say: “We would prefer to live in the UK under Sharia law”.

• 74% of Muslims aged 16-24 say: “We would prefer Muslim women in the UK to wear the hijab”.

• 13% of Muslims aged 16-24 say: “We admire Al-Qaida and understand the motives of the London bombers”.
If you see the source of these figures, the inescapable conclusion is that the UK is finished. And to learn that hyperborean Elves are precisely the ones who have betrayed their people by inviting orcs into their soil (exactly the same can be said of Holland and Scandinavia)...

High time for a coup in these treasonous nations.

* * *

Bill Clinton: anti-white bastard

Truly amazing: Addressing Arabs and speaking in high terms about the idiotic Obama speech in Cairo, Bill Clinton said that America won’t be an European-based majority nation by 2040. That is: that whites will finally lose, numerically, their majority status. And—Jesus Christ in Heaven—Clinton also said that this is a good thing!

Larry Auster has commented that Clinton’s hippie generation was not just interested in equality for blacks. No: from the middle 1960s they sought from the beginning the destruction of European based civilization.

When I was born in Mexico City the U.S. reached its cultural peak. If art conveys the spirit of an age, films like Disney’s Sleeping Beauty, with the most lovely princess the world has ever seen, epitomes America’s health. What has happened since the 1950s?

Books have been written about Western decadence in recent years. But not about what pains me the most: those white bastards who don’t give a damn about their own ethnicity, who don’t care about their beautiful sisters that their own mothers engendred.

I mean: if America or Europe changes its color it won’t ever be America or Europe again. Never! Keep in mind the definition of conservatism at the opening of this post: the survival of particular peoples and their institutionalized cultural expressions. A nation is not only made by cultural expressions but, above all, by its own people. Didn’t Franklin say that his race was the most beautiful of all? But if Franklin lived today, wouldn’t his statement automatically mean political suicide? Why Latin American immigrants have the right to speak out proudly about being “Hispanic,” as well as African Americans, but when a white dares to talk shyly about white pride he or she is immediately labeled “racist”?

We are living in vicious anti-white times. There’s no question about it. And anti-white racism comes from… whites. May I therefore address this post to the white people please?:

Do we really want to celebrate, as Clinton did, the reduction of whites in the West? How on Earth can any sane person desire the reduction of its own gene pool in his very country? The fact that an American president just did it is a clear sign that the West is crossing over a psychotic state of malicious self-hatred, similar to those otherwise pretty girls who cut their arms or legs with blades. If we don’t stop the bleeding our gene pool will be gone forever…

* * *

Send this Frenchman to Auschwitz—Please!

I’ve stolen the following from a Gates of Vienna thread about Sarkozy’s mouthpiece:
Minister for immigration, integration and national identity Eric Besson, who is a former Socialist, has just said, in front of an immigrant audience, right in the middle of a Muslim suburb next to Paris: “France is neither a people, nor a language, nor a territory, nor a religion, it’s a conglomerate of peoples who want to live together. There are no indigenous French, there is only a France made out of miscegenation.”
Now you will surely understand why I was not kidding when I wrote at GoV (Baron Bodissey removed my post): “We would restore and re-inaugurate Auschwitz and Birkenau but this time showing through the television the cremated remains at the top of Birkenau’s chimney of the white traitors who created Eurabia. The shock and awe of such a TV show would scare the shit out of the Muslims, especially when the ashes of the bodies of our treasonous elites reach the respiratory systems of the media representatives present at Birkenau.”

* * *

Postscript of 26 August 2010:

“Immigration [into the U.K.] is soaring, increasing by 20% over the previous year and, more important, children born to foreign-born mothers comprised 25% of the total...”

Read the whole article, “The Ongoing Destruction of Britain,” at Mangan’s.


Anonymous said...

Chechar, the West reached its peak in terms of art in the 19th century or even the late 18th in the most developed countries.

Chechar said...

Hi, RebelliousVanilla. Welcome back.

Yes: the artistic peak in Europe was probably reached in the 19th century, but I wrote “When I was born the U.S. reached its cultural peak.” Personally I find the 1968 film that I discussed at Mangan’s recently, 2001: A Space Odyssey, one of the artistic climaxes of the 20th century.


Anonymous said...

“France is neither a people, nor a language, nor a territory, nor a religion, it’s a conglomerate of peoples who want to live together. There are no indigenous French, there is only a France made out of miscegenation.”

It is all true except for one thing: nobody asked the Bretons, the Alsatians, the Basques etc. if they wanted to "live together". France is an artificial anti-ethnic construct not based on popular wishes (otherwise it would look like Switzerland) but on a powerful state that benefits to its servants only . As long as France exists it will always be on the side of miscegenation. It has always be, will always be.

Chechar said...

Therefore we need a second Revolution and take the traitors to the guillotine.