Saturday, July 24, 2010

Parting Word

For me, that goal is Nietzschean: the creation of a perfected, god-like white race that will give meaning and purpose to this godless, meaningless universe.

….........................................................................................Greg Johnson

Chechar is taking a long break and will be back after an uncertain, but certainly long period as the real life needs some attention now.

Regarding the latest posts, isn’t it extraordinary that after so many decades the events exposed by Solzhenitsyn are still concealed from the general public? For decades Hollywood and the TV have bombarded us with images of mass deportations of Jews into Nazi ghettos while at the same time we get zero images of the hundreds of thousands of Russians extradited by Allied forces right into the hands of the Soviet executioners—and zero images too depicting the disproportionate amount of Jews involved in Red Terror.

After World War II our souls, morals and worldviews have been so corrupted by this propaganda that it has become increasingly difficult to look at 20th-century history without a major soul-surgery. In prison Solzhenitsyn underwent such surgery, as described in the most moving pages of his Gulag. After moulting off his exuviated soul Solzhenitsyn could finally understand that the sphere of the sociopolitical realm could only be comprehended by developing the inner self.

Similarly, my soul ripened from suffering as described in Whispering Leaves, part of it published in my web page. The journey to understand the dark night of our age drove me to search for traces of the divine in the most obvious yet—under the sky of liberalism—concealed places. When I was nineteen I discovered what today I interpret as artistic images of our beloved wives and lovely daughters.

Why am I leaving Parrish’s Daybreak in the masthead during my break? Because saving our people from extinction is essentially a spiritual battle. While it is true that in this age of treason we must fight back in the spirit of Roman severitas, as seen at the very bottom of this blog, to win the battle over the West’s darkest midnight we must rediscover that only the eternal feminine would lead us to the Absolute.


Caryl said...

I just discovered your website! I hope you will not be gone for too long!

Chechar said...

I am trying to save a few bucks because I want to move out from Mexico. Won’t have much free time till I get established in..., ehem, a much whiter country.

Mary said...

Where is your tip jar?????

Cameron said...

Enjoy your break and good luck with the move.

AngloAmerikan said...

Best of luck for the future Chechar and thanks for opening my eyes to the horrors of pre-Colombian America.

Wandrin said...

Best of luck.

Robert said...

You are invited to my new site.

Steve Ryker said...


Your Blog is quite literally extraordinary, bravely honest & straightforward, aestetically beautiful, and simply appealing overall.

Please bring it back.


And especially now, I literally need all of that I can get.

Bring it back.


Chechar said...


Thanks! I really needed the kind of comments posted in this thread, including yours. And yes: I’ll leave Parrish’s masterpiece as a sort of symbol for this blog.

Presently I’m living among a sea of non-white, uneducated swarms here down the South. I promised myself to work hard in this Third World country; save enough money, and move to the North. If I continued to blog as frenetically as I used to do a few months ago, I’d never save the travel money I so badly need. But as soon as I am established in a much whiter country I will probably add more entries (contact me by email if you want to know the details of my traveling plan).

P.S. I’ve answered to your recent comment about my review of O’Meara’s book, although at the moment of writing it’s still awaiting moderation at C-C.

Anonymous said...

Could you please write an article about this:
Sweden is going crazy. The government paid for this song quote: "hey blond girl, take a black man between your legs and mix it up." At 1:04 Minute you can see a blond girl singing about the pride and beauty of Sweden while having sex with a black man. Watch it and show it to everyone you know.

This is genocide of whites!

Chechar said...


I am responding here to your post in Counter-Currents since apparently that relatively old thread is not allowing further comments. Sorry for the long delay to respond...!

What you said in the above-linked thread impressed me greatly. Thanks a lot for posting it. I didn’t know that other people had seen the touch of the divine in the fairest of the races. Truly: what you wrote reminded me my adolescent infatuation with German classic idealism and the reverence of Nature as the outward manifestation of the unfoldment of the Spirit. Now thanks to your comment I know that I am not entirely alone in relating my “panentheistic” intuitions of yore about Nature to the people of the fairest skin color.

Presently, unlike the teenager I was, I very very rarely indulge in metaphysics. But a few hours ago I made a point in a now seemingly closed thread at Occidental Dissent (here) that now I repost below:

Chechar said...

[Response to Hunter Wallace’s criticism of the Greg Johnson quote that appears at the top of this entry – see the above Occidental Dissent link:]

Back in 2006 when I knew zilch about WN, in a forum about child abuse an Indian woman (from India, not from Mexico) demanded that I explained rationally my Goethe-inspired phrase “Only the eternal feminine leads to the Absolute.” She could never grasp that it was a poetic expression with deep roots in German Romanticism.

Pursuing for the “eternal feminine” is pursuing an archetype. It’s like the “City upon a Hill” myth that moved John Winthrop et al to move to America—a mystery for rationalistic historians—and also similar to what Harold Covington calls the mysterious “Awakening” in his futuristic Northwest Quartet. An archetype was finally activated both in the founders of the U.S. and in Uncle Harold’s fiction, just what happened to the Germans in the 1920s and 30s in the real world: the source of unlimited white power (theoretically though I doubt it, it might happen in Arizona too).

I’m talking of the inner core of the psyche; and I guess that Dr Johnson was thinking along similar lines (he can answer himself).

Unlike the Indian woman, this subject is not to be approached through pure reason. Jung says that it’s a blunder to project archetypes onto the real world, e.g., to believe that the archetype of the “Wise Old Man” (think of the Tarot card with that specific image) is real in the form of an earthly guru. Big blunder, since all gurus are charlatans. Nonetheless, the Wise Old Man “exists”, as a symbol. I for one encountered it long time ago, in a 1979 dream. It was an inspiration. Nothing magic or metaphysical, no. Just an oneiric inspiration.

The same with the eternal feminine or (I guess) what Johnson tried to say with “...the creation of a perfected, god-like white race that will give meaning and purpose to this godless, meaningless universe.”

I’ll give you a clue. Yesterday I added more images of Aryan nymphs to the side of my blog and added: “If an ethno-state is indeed created, my dream is that in the far future its people will resemble the paradisiacal world of Maxfield Parrish.”

This is my very personal and subjective interpretation of Johnson’s phrase. This is the archetype that has had an extremely strong grip of my mind since my late teens. Yes: following Jung it would be a catastrophe to project all of it onto a specific woman, like falling in love. (But again, couldn’t falling in love so long ago be Nature’s trick for the perpetuation of the genotype of still more beautiful nymphs?)

Quasi-metaphysical manifestations of the soul are not to be tackled through the left-hemisphere of our brain. The more artistic hemisphere does the trick. Of course, in real life we must start, as you say, with small steps forward. It’s impossible to reach a god-like condition without touching with your hand the black monolith of 2001: A Space Odyssey, so to speak. A cinematic flash-forward of more than 4 million years, from the Australopithecus who grasped a bone to the first compasses of the Blue Danube can only be seen in a movie, or in pictorial art. That’s why at the side of my blog I mixed apparently irreconcilable statements and big evolutionary leaps: links to the very practical—and bloody!—narrative of Covington’s revolutionary novels and the Parrishesque images.

The two very distinct and almost opposite images that appear at the very top of my blog (Daybreak) and at the very bottom (Roman severitas: soon it will be time for Mars and Hephaestus at the Northwest) tell it all to the right-hemisphere of the brain, not to the lefty of course...