Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Why I write

I am not an intellectual. I am a warrior. If I am typing these words instead of firing a gun it’s because today there is not a single sane state left in the Western world. Nobel laureate Octavio Paz, the poet who lived in my neighborhood when he died, once stated that he preferred to be Homer than Alexander. I was fascinated by his words since it’s all too obvious for me that the sword is more powerful than the pen.

Revolution is a state of mind. So I’ll talk as if other people are tuned with my need for immediate action.

There’s a new literary genre that William Pierce started. Harold Covington has published a saga in four novels that tell the story of the creation of an ethno-state. In this futuristic state there’s something that I have previously fantasized in the solitude of my room. They managed to turn the clock back to Victorian fashions (as we have seen in the fashions of, say, Harry Potter’s godfather, Sirius Black, in the films). But what I really love about Covington is that he abhors exactly what I abhor: that there’s almost no face-to-face community in the white nationalist movement. “No revolution will be made by people who are not within driving distance of one another.” Simply joining an organization by mailing a check or merely working in the cyber world, instead of getting one’s hands dirty, won’t do it.

What is exasperating for me is that, while the political dissident of the former Soviet bloc could only escape from his nation to enter the free world, today there’s no place to go. That’s why we write. Blogging is the industry for all those who want serious action in a soft-totalitarian system that wouldn’t allow even a lone voice to express himself in the mainstream media.

Really, I don’t have the temper for much more blogging even though I’ll likely remain stuck in the trenches for a decade or two before civil wars start in the West as they already started in the Middle East.

* * *

The following is an exchange at The Occidental Observer earlier today. The first one is my reply to a commenter who, like me, uses a penname in the blogosphere:

Anglo Saxon:

I agree with much of what you say about Amurrica. Have you read O’Meara’s Toward the White Republic? On page 94 he says: “Our people will survive only if white men learn again, in struggle, to stand […] free from everything associated with the monstrous Leviathan that the United States has become.”

I confess I’ve just re-watched Pride and Prejudice for the Nth time. There’s no question about it. Mores must be forcefully reverted back to the Austen world, where women were kept in their place. As I said above, only the feminized western “males” cannot get it. Women belong to us; not to themselves. They’re Nature’s most precious gift.

And yes: like you I would prefer Europe to lead the West. But first Britain must be punished for Winston Churchill’s astronomical blunder. Perhaps only after she becomes visually like the deracinated UK in the film Children of Men will Britons revive?

As to secession at the other side of the Atlantic, again you are absolutely right. I favor the Northwest idea. But some intuition I’ve never fully understood tells me that revolution in Europe won’t be as nasty as it will be in the Amurrican Leviathan ruled by die Juden. This continent will turn hellish after showtime starts.

I wish I could join the battle on European soil. Unfortunately, with the exception of Covington (in America) I don’t see any other lone voice seriously calling for arms in the Western world. Feel free to contact me thru my blog’s email if you know otherwise.

* * *

Dear Chechar:

I and others like me want Churchill’s statue in Parliament Square, one that I have myself stood before, long before I knew of his true history... taken down and smashed. I want all Churchillian symbolism destroyed and a national apology issued to the German People.

Everytime I meet or communicate with a German national I feel an urge to issue a pathetic apology for belonging to such a foolish and easily deceived people. I think, when I die I shall request to have my ashes spread somewhere in Germany. Sounds dramatic, but I am seriously thinking about it. The only issue is overcoming the practicalities of how it could be done.

Meanwhile, thank you for your kind invite to contact you, Chechar. Right now, I am busy working on a manuscript. Sometimes I get annoyed with myself for spending so much time commenting online. I hope and expect to have more free time to exchange on a personal level, later in this year. Stay well. May the air you breath fill you with strength and vitality!

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Brandon said...

Yes, mores are going to be forced back, for as I've written on my own blog and other comment boards, the only answer to the female principle which is presently operating in western countries which is actually Jezebel, is an opposite force of strong domineering malehood similar to that which is seen in the muslim community.

A restoration of a "new" patriarchy so to speak, will eventually come to the forefront wherein the "female" which presently operates in both genders - your doctored photo of the athiest is apropos - will be made to "shut up", which is in accordance to her true nature which is silence/quietness hovering in the background.