Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hate movement or survival movement?

The axial year of the 20th century was not 1989. In fact, there were two axial years: 1919 and 1945.

After 1919 most European nationalisms were discredited. And after 1945 all ethnic self-esteem among the white people has been considered anathema in the West.

Occidentals tried thus to revaluate all traditional European values after the First and Second World Wars. White Nationalism can be understood as a reaction against a suicidal reaction. The “white” element in WN is a reaction against the westerners’ reaction to do everything in reverse from Hitler’s Germany (even if with that reversal the train headed by Europeans speeds up right into the precipice). And the “nationalist” element in WN is a reaction against the westerners’ reaction to do everything in reverse from the European nationalisms (even if with such reversal we are welcoming, into our lands, those Muslims who this very day are enmeshed in civil wars at the Middle East).

Just how far have the forces that reacted against the World Wars gone? In the blogosphere I found an hilarious thought-experiment by Sam Dickson:

Our race is longing, our American people is longing, for a home of their own. Is it extreme for us to ask for a homeland for our own people? Is this a hateful proposal, as those who desire our genocide tell us? We need to understand that as far as the establishment that misrules our people all over the world is concerned, the only acceptable position on the future of the white people is genocide.

To those who think this is a nutty comment, I would suggest that you attend the next town hall meeting of your local Congressman or Senator. He need not be a liberal, not some crazed Methodist on Marx or a Marxist on meth, like Hillary Clinton. He could be a white Christian Southern conservative Republican Congressman. During the question and answer period, go to the microphone and say: “Congressman, I am concerned about the tide of non-white immigration, and the low white birthrate in this country and around the world. I’m concerned that our race will become extinct.”

And just see the reaction of that Christian, Southern, conservative member of the establishment. See how you will be shouted down by his followers. See how the guard will be instructed to come and take you out of the room, because you have committed an act of hate by suggesting that your race should be anything other than exterminated.

It is considered per se immoral to advocate the survival of our race. We need to think about that when weighing the claims of our enemies to be the voices of love and tolerance.

That the enemies of our people have managed to sell white nationalism as a “hate movement” speaks volumes about the inversion of reality the westerners suffer in modern day.

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