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“Modern day Left and Right are the exact same”

Excerpted from a longer, 14-17 February exchange from The Political Cesspool (TPC), “Jamie Kelso gets run out of CPAC”. James Edwards, who hosts the TPC, wrote:

You’re in favor of two men being allowed to get married? CPAC thinks you’re just swell, and will even let you be an official sponsor of the event. But don’t you dare suggest that it’s best if white people marry other whites, or that white people have interests just like blacks and Hispanics do, or you’ll be treated like a pariah.

Notice the Ron Paul supporters who grow increasingly hostile because Jamie is wearing a Campaign for Liberty button. At the end several of them physically confront him and make it clear that if he doesn’t remove the button, they will. At which point Jamie decided it would be best to leave.

Jamie gets an A for effort, but this video makes it clear that the “let’s just infiltrate the GOP and conservative organizations” approach isn’t viable. These days, “conservatives” are even more anti-White than liberals are. And more and more of them actually believe the nonsense they spout about Equality and there’s only one race, the human race, blah blah blah. So I don’t think we’ll be “taking over” the Republican party in this lifetime.

Still don’t think the CPAC attendees embarrassed themselves enough? Read the stories below.

Selected responses to “Jamie Kelso gets run out of CPAC”:

JB says: Look at all the young whites here who are completely eaten up with guilt and self-hate. How embarrassing! God help us if these dweebs represent the modern-day “conservative” movement. They’re about as conservative as Tim Wise.

Jim says: LOL. That valley girl accent is hilarious! You can tell that chick spends a great deal of time wrapped up in serious thought.

Kievsky says: JB, My thoughts exactly. What’s the difference between them and Tim Wise? None. These are establishment types who plan to make comfy careers out of politics. They don’t represent the conservatism of the man on the street.

Had enough yet? says: White people don’t need enemies when our own people have learned through self-hate, white guilt and false history being taught to them by the media establishment blessed by the “Gods” in Government. The enemy is within. And until that is corrected we are all doomed to a slow painful extinction and not just within America either.

Jerry says: These are privileged whites who have never lived in mixed communities opining about how great diversity is. I once had a conversation with a fellow who claimed that he “loved” diversity. When I pointed out to him that he lived in a town that was 98% white and upper-middle class, he claimed that he and his wife had “always wanted” to move to a more diverse area, but the “schools” prevented this. Yeah, right.

Vic says: Just reconfirms my opinion that it’s too late in the game for this. It’s like trying to patchwork a ship with its bow completely submerged and stern straight up towards the sky. Do whatever you can to save yourselves and stay out of the way of these fools and their folly. They won’t learn until it’s too late… just like the Rhodesians and South Africans.

Joe says: Watching this video is the equivalent of having your teeth pulled out. Unfortunately, it’s not these kids who get bussed to gang-ridden schools. It’s not these kids who have to watch their once thriving neighborhoods self-destruct right in front of them. And it’s not these kids who will be future polar-bear victims. Hey CPAC, for your next convention, why don’t you hold it in downtown Detroit? Or even better, why not make it an international affair and host it in South Africa? Seeing these little punks get a taste of their own medicine would be sweet poetic justice.

Jerry says: Couple more points: The facial expressions of the airhead blonde to the left are priceless. It simply drips of self-hatred and self-righteousness. Also, the tall, thin, effeminate fellow is your standard, run-of-the-mill president of his college’s Young Republican Club. These people wouldn’t be caught dead on “Martin Luther King Blvd” at night, and when they get married and live in D.C., they will send their kids to private, mostly white/yellow schools. They are zombies, the walking dead. Thankfully, they will probably have only 0-1 kids. If we can’t convert them, we need to outbreed them.

Shocked says: The Frankfurt School has certainly worked on the young White mind in this country.

Ken says: Wow, that was painful to watch! That should be preserved for future generations because that is a prime example of how completely and totally brainwashed and defeated many whites have become. Just the slightest hint that whites might have something worth preserving and it’s time to burn the heretic at the stake! Unbelievable!

Clint says: Jamie did a great job debating with that hostile crowd. It just shows how dear the sheeple hold onto the “diversity” mantra. I highly doubt they would be so animated on any other topic of conversation. I agree with the other fellow that Jamie’s message would have been better heard had he a few more supporters chiming in. However, he has a very non-threatening style and did great in my opinion; anyone else would have been thrown out much earlier. Could you see the smoke coming out of the pretty brunette’s head, forced to think for a few nano-seconds?
The side-burned guy was playing tough in front of the cameras, dropping r-bombs on everyone. How lame.

Junghans says: These young White “conservative” wimps are pathetic victims of their inculcated intellectual illusions. A Negro racial reality check may eventually make them a little more explicitly aware, we hope. Talk about being their own worst enemies, these White bunnies certainly are…

Greg says: OMG, these people are supposed to be “conservatives”? Yikes, they sound more like liberals, and in fact I can respect the liberals more so because at least they don’t take one thing and call it another.

Louise says: This completely turned my stomach. For we older folks, this is the generation that is going to be taking care of us. That is downright scary.

Jeff says: Ever notice how effeminate young white men are these days? If they are not gay, they are metro-sexual. Or maybe masculine white men are too preoccupied with sports and don’t attend these types of conferences. Let me know what you all think.

Randall says: It’s really hard to believe that our young Americans are that stupid.

johnson says: We are witnessing the largest genocide in the history of the world, the genocide of white people through control of the financial systems, the media, and learning institutions. Time to turn the tide.

Political Optimist says: Okay, after watching that video, I’ve now reconsidered my previous comment [not included in this collection—Chechar]. I still believe we must work within the mainstream. But man, are you sure he wasn’t at a Daily Kos gathering?

Von Riemann says: This is why the right-wing are losers, and always have-been and will be and fail…

I have always been against that Jewish Freemason, Ron Paul, and exposed him from day one since Stormfront was promoting this bastard, and predicted what Ron Paul is doing today against Whites who supported him—was going to happening, and it is. This is only further proof, how Ron Paul acted against Jamie Kelso, why he is our worst enemy.

icr says: The masses follow elites—that’s always been the case and always will be the case. Read Sam Francis and James Burnham. Trying to destroy the hegemony of Cultural Marxism by recruiting typical white American conformists at bars and football games (or even Ron Paul rallies) is strictly the stuff of satire. Before you can get anywhere you need roughly a hundred or so guys like Jared Taylor and James Edwards. Try to remember that 99+% of media, academia, business and government (including the military) is either hostile or cowed into silence.

Jeff says: I actually commend those kids for listening and engaging with Kelso. It was the Campaign for Liberty guys who kept pestering him about being a racist. I thought those people were for freedom.

Yankee born Southerner says: Here’s a perfect example of public education at its finest. We have guilt because of slavery. Let’s review: nobody alive today was a slave. Likewise, nobody alive today was a slave owner. We fought an unjust war supposedly to end slavery. Which is a blatant lie. But the truth wasn’t taught when I attended high school and that’s over 40 years ago. So, it doesn’t matter as much if you’re Republican or Democrat. What matters is you know your own history. And don’t be afraid to take a little heat when somebody tells you to take your button off. Mr. Kelso, thank you for your example!

icr says: “I still believe we must work within the mainstream” [wrote above another commenter]. The USG is currently fanatically devoted to a world-view that can best be described in shorthand as a mix between the Wall St Journal pro-global business and open borders stance, and the ideology one would find in the Office for Multi-Cultural Affairs at a major liberal arts university. This view has hardened into an ideology and has intertwined itself so thoroughly in the popular mind with what it means to be “American” that nothing short of an intense crisis or a complete breakdown will bring about any change. Certainly, electing this or that Republican makes no difference.

Duane says: Is this country completely finished? Did you notice how wimpy and faggy these white males were? Do you really feel bad when reading in the newspaper when this type meets a brutal bloody end at the hands of the savages they are insanely defending? Would any normal White male with any normal attitudes feel any normal protective instincts toward these female psychos? The USA and the West are completely finished…

Von Riemann says: I knew it was just a matter of time before the Republicans exposed themselves, not just against the whites who put them into power from day 1, but against our very unalienable rights/constitution that they toted as their foundation—and show their true Orwellian tyrannical faces. In these peoples minds, the only ones who are Americans and can have a voice are the (PC).

It’s time to build our race into a political machine, and not an economic one like the two Kosher parties. The mainstream parties are not about our preservation, but our genocide and money/getting-rich—which is why they are selling us out bit-by-bit to the one-world-order.

Jamie Kelso, in my opinion wasn’t defeated and ran-off like these Capital-Marxist right-wing thugs claim with glee happened. Rather Jamie Kelso brought forth invaluable information to our struggle and proved the points visually of what we are trying to make to our people about the system.

Edgardus de la Vega says: Yes indeed folks: undoing their deracinated mindsets will be quite a challenge for us. Nevertheless, our communication on the issue of white preservation will make gains as our race continues to shrink. The apparent evidence of our gradual demise will itself do much of the talking.

Adam FreeMan says: These sheltered brain-washed children need our patience and understanding even though we all want to take them to the woodshed and beat the crap out of them. They have been taught that if they want to succeed and get ahead, they must walk the multicultural line. Many of them have eaten the poisoned apple and really believe what they are saying. We must be ready when reality opens their eyes (muggings, rapes, no jobs for whites) to get them to see that we are their friends. So teach them what they are ready to learn when they are ready to learn it and don’t get personal.

Dedalus says: Great comments. In fact, they are the perfect tonic to this depressing video. At the very beginning, when that blonde guy sitting down asked “What if she wanted to reproduce with a Black guy…”

Blockheads with just enough brains to know how to make money and that’s enough for them.

Von Riemann says: Anyone who continues with the failed right-wing supports these people and what they stand-for against us and our country, and supports/agrees-with our white-genocide and as corrupt as they are... You are not going to infiltrate the Republican party—Jamie Kelso just tried respectfully and legally and look what they did to him the first minute he didn’t tote the party lines and defended his people and told the truth about what is going on.

John St.C. says: First off, we need to recognize the exact nature of that whole CPAC/Human Events/neocon/YAF/Buckleyite crowd. As was pointed out, these are nothing but yuppies whose “conservatism” centers solely around their worries over daddy’s money. Secondly, their embarrassing ignorance concerning all matters racial defines their overall mentality. After all, if you don’t care about the survival of your own race, who gives the tiniest particle of a damn about tax programs?

2ndAmdMan says: This just goes to prove how hard (if not impossible) it is to have a conversation with liberal minded people. Those rich snobby (never worked a day in their lives) “conservative brats” really seem to just be “liberals” at heart. If they have any muscle—they bought it at a gym. If they have any brains—they got it from their ancestors who they are now “throwing under the bus”. They more afraid of being called a “racist” than they are of the “boogie man”.

Denise says: Jamie did a really good job—but he did not answer the most glaring error: the Ottoman Empire [actually] created nothing.

wn girl says: Good job, Jamie! It is sad to see young whites who are so ignorant about their issues and history, but Jamie did a great job with the conversation.

JB says: Did y’all notice the older guy who made the silly “Harry Truman was a Klansman” comment?

Bruce in Vancouver says: That was very bad. Some of the comments from these people are incredible. Did you hear that guy saying that the blacks arrived here the same time Whites did and then they went about building the country with their bare hands? LOL. What an idiot. Where do they get this from? I already knew we’re in trouble, but that was just depressing to hear.

Larry says: Trying to “infiltrate” the GOP in hopes of using it to advance the causes of white people is ridiculous [Larry responds to an Occidental Dissent fan]. It’s time to abandon all notions of conventional “right” and “left.” They are essentially the same ideology wrapped in a different package. Both want universal democracy, both support multiculturalism, both believe it is wrong for the government to step in and promote traditional values, both are completely worthless. The interests of our people rise above all else. Everything else pales in comparison.

The way I see it, we are so far gone as a nation that only outright white nationalism/traditionalism can save us. Therefore, any attempt at infiltrating a decaying political party in order to get it to be slightly less degenerate is insufficient and a waste of time.

Go ahead and keep reading the nonsense at Occidental Dissent and donating your hard-earned money to libertarian organizations and GOP candidates, you might as well be pissing it down a toilet. Here is my New Year’s resolution in regards to politics: If a group or cause or candidate is not 100% pro-white, I will not donate my time or money to it. A candidate who agrees with us on most issues but who states publicly that he abhors “racism” does more harm to our cause than good.

Vick says: Kelso did an excellent job, and even though those kids all appeared to reject his message, they were listening, and they were probably hearing what he had to say for the first time. As they get older they will remember their encounter with him and start to see the truth of what he’s saying. I do have to criticize Kelso for not having a good answer to the tall kid who kept saying that “America was also built by blacks and hispanics” and so on. (And by the way, it’s far too easy to criticize someone for how they do in live, personal debates like this—doing well in these situations is a talent, really.)

My response to the tall kid would have been to point out that up until recently (1964), this country was over 80% white. Yes, blacks and hispanics etc. can lay a certain claim to having built America, but the truth is that this country historically was predominantly a white country, and the white majority, such as it still exists, still has the right to democratically determine its future in a racially conscious way, if they so desire.

Tom says: Ron Paul owes Kelso an apology. It was Paul’s man who had Kelso thrown out.

Horace Blossom says: If there is anyone so deluded as to think that the Republican types have a genuine interest in defending and advancing Western Civilization and the racial group responsible for it, this video should disabuse him of that piece of brain-sick lunacy. Perhaps most alarmingly revealed in this video is that these “right-thinking” young people have only thread-bare, outworn arguments to support their lunatic, self-annihilating vagaries. It apparently has never occurred to them that their empty slogans and vapid catch-phrases need examining. Usually, I find myself lamenting that my life has extended into its seventh decade, but this exhibition at least enables me to feel some gratitude that I made it without having been infected with such lunacy as theirs.

Larry says: [Responding to an Occidental Observer fan whose post I omitted in this collection]: Modern day “left” and “right” are the exact same. They have the same end goal in mind. Both envision an America with universal democracy, “equality,” no racial identity, etc. They only disagree on how to get there and whether that America will be ruled by bureaucrats or corporations. A new law that will serve as a minor headache to illegals here and a symbolic ban against Affirmative Action there are not anywhere close to what it will take to restore this nation.

If all immigration—legal and illegal—were to end tomorrow, this would only delay America’s descent into a third-world, majority non-white nation. You will never, not in a million years, see the GOP advocate what is needed to turn back the tide. If you want to pursue conventional party politics, go for it. I admire your efforts. I just think it is a hopeless waste of time and think our efforts are best directed at building up explicitly white nationalist organizations.

The real path to power is to put together networks that can step in to fill the void that will be left when the current system inevitably collapses.

By the way, defeating amnesty is another non-issue. Amnesty will have virtually no long-term demographic impact. The children of illegals are already citizens regardless of their parents’ immigration status. If anything, amnesty will be a good thing because it will instantly flood the voting booths with millions of Hispanics rather than spreading out the inevitable over the next several decades. It might be the shock that mainstream conservatives need to wake them to the reality that they cannot maintain their way of life if they become a demographic minority.

Charles says: I have enormous respect for Jamie Kelso for going down to CPAC to advance a racial awareness. This is probably the very first time these people have been exposed to ideas like the ones Jamie is espousing.

At best all they have read or heard are vulgar caricatures about Klansmen and neo-Nazis trying to exterminate other races. The fact that these people listened to Jamie so long is the only encouraging thing in this video. Let’s hope as they grow older and these people will grow wiser they will learn to seek political opinions that didn’t come to them from talk radio, their television set, NPR, or any other MSM outlet.

Until the internet came along there were no real dissenting opinions available to most people. That’s changing thanks to blogs and radio shows like this one and the one Jamie Kelso has.

Matt says: Oh my God! These young people! Take a look at them—they all look like punch drunk boxers as they reel off their PC mantras! How tragic! How terribly tragic! Perhaps T. S. Eliot was quite right after all: “This is the way the world ends. This is the way the world ends. This is the way the world ends. Not with a bang but a whimper.”

Eurobeing says: I will admit that he didn’t exactly have them out of his hand. However, if you look at them closing in you will notice that they were actually listening to Jamie. The young fellow who listened to Michael Savage said that he is aware of white fear and suppression.

When the big goon jumped in and took Jamie’s badges he was doing what he was told. Which tells me that someone is paying a lot of money to keep a lid on all of the truth tellers.

I bet a lot of these people went home and really thought about what Kelso said. My guess his comments have their own half life and will exist in the minds of these young dweebs for quite some time.

Also Kelso was just beginning to address the issue of white guilt for slavery when he was so rudely interrupted. If he would have had a few more minutes I think he would have made some real progress. He may have already.

more of same says: I sent money a few times to C4L. I’m glad I stopped. The mailers I get from them will go right into the recycling bin after this. I’ll send my money to TPC instead.

Joanne Dee says: The first message is: Jamie is a brave and honorable man. The second message is: liberty, with this crowd, is as much about free speech as Stalin’s Russia. The third message is: trying to persuade this group that white self-interests should be paramount is an unwinnable battle. They truly never experienced the real White America and they believe everything they’ve been told. My final thought is: wow, these kids are brainwashed! The only thing positive I found is: they will realize, one day too late, what Jamie was saying. As for the comment about Michael Savage, he sure is right. White men (especially the younger ones) are totally emasculated.

Steve Elkin says: These kids need to spend some time in the “Homeboys turf”, at night and see how they feel then!

mike says: O my gosh, James, these brainwashed youths make conservatives look bad, i.e. “we all came from Africa”. These are your typical republican brats, they truly don’t respect the paleo-cons. Like Buchanan, Edwards, Duke, and the rest.

Joanne Dee says: The more I watch this clip, the more entertaining it becomes. I went from nausea to hysterics in the blink of an eye. My favorite line by Jamie responding to one of these idiots: “We went from free speech to free land.” Priceless. They don’t have a clue about primal “blood and soil.” Not one iota. They truly are clueless. Attention Wal-Mart shoppers: this man does not represent the Campaign for Liberty.

Good. And the Campaign for Liberty does not represent me nor liberty! Fake conservatives and fake libertarians.

Anonymous says: Did you catch what the brunette said in response to Jamie discussing how whites are indifferent toward protecting their homelands in comparison to other races? She stated, “That’s why we’re superior to the rest of them.” She is a genuine white supremacist. Why does she want to import people into the country who she believes are “inferior” to her? The answer, of course, is because she is one of those whites who loves to use nonwhites as pawns in a pathetic contest to prove who is the ultimate “antiracist” person alive. This is truly a mental pathology that must be cured. I hope that she and rest of the group will soon come around.

Bryan says: Are we surprised? Considering the twisted history that has been taught to people in the last forty years, really, are we surprised? I felt this way as a twelve year-old child but when I was about fourteen I started getting information from a lot of different sources to correct the history. Today, I don’t believe the nonsense and clearly recognize the threat against White America.

One big difference for me is that I have not watched a lot of TV nor have I done so since I was about thirteen (almost twenty-three years ago, so I miss out on the media indoctrination through music, TV and movies: and that makes a big difference let me assure you). The more your news and ideas about the world are derived from TV and movies the more you seem to fall for this nonsense.

I work in an office in a liberal city for a fortune 500 corporation. All around me daily I hear how important it is for us to celebrate diversity. I know people in the U.S. seem to think that everyone with our “Neanderthal” views are uneducated poor white trash who live in Southern neighborhoods or in Nazi Idaho. However, this is clearly not the case.

That's Not My Name says: Note how these privileged youngsters lack the mental acuity to identify the logical fallacies inherent in their “politically correct” positions. For example, one expresses the view that it does not matter if a person race-mixes.

In reality, a white reproducing with a black will yield, with overwhelming likelihood, offspring with lower IQs than those of children conceived by two whites. Clearly, the future state of humanity does matter, and human success is strongly linked to IQ. Thus, race-mixing and the associated likelihood of a lower IQ citizenry is to be avoided.

anon says: Of course they were outraged, they’ve been lied to their whole lives. These young people are probably either college students or recent grads. Every day of their lives they’ve been subjected to the most sadistic “scientific” brainwashing devised. Of course they’re not going to calmly sit there and nod in passive agreement when a prophet of truth, Jamie Kelso, unexpectedly stands before them and challenges their sacred cows. This video of Kelso just strengthens my admiration of him.

Wild Bill says: Perhaps Mr. Kelso could have opened the conversation like this: How do you people feel about the genocide of the white people in South Africa and the former Rhodesia? Does CPAC have a position on this?

Big Ugly, Wyoming says: We are truly lost—the government indoctrination in schools has had more effect than I had ever imagined.

Joanne Dee says: Courtney, We vote to make a difference. We all value our votes (at least the intelligent ones). But if the vote will never—ever—get the intended consequences, whether it is third party or main party, the vote is wasted. However, if we continue to eat away at the corrupt parties by deflecting our votes to Third Party candidates whom we agree with (are there any)? The main thing which is so elusive to us patriots, yet seldom mentioned, is that we basically have crap to vote for. We need a new government, not just another political party. We’re in a horrible dilemma with no clear way out.

Paul Hausser says: Notice how they never let Jamie finish. As soon he was ready to make the point about stuffing the USA with 1.5 billion Chinese and 300 million Mexicans they all jumped in. These kids sense that what they say is not really true but they can’t allow it to be said to their faces in such a straightforward logical way.

Reality says: Political Optimist writes: “I still believe we must work within the mainstream.” That’s like saying Christians need become porn stars to reach out to the porn industry. You’re just going to make a fool out of yourself.


My comment:

Wasn’t Srđa Trifković right in the video I embedded last week, that he was “less free in the US than in Tito’s Yugoslavia”?


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