Friday, March 05, 2010

The Scorpion and the Frog

After watching the interview of Kevin MacDonald I read the book-reviews of The Culture of Critique, a study on the tendency among highly influential, Jewish-dominated intellectual movements to develop radical critiques of gentile culture. Below I include excerpts from twenty-four chosen Amazon reviews (only real names are cited, in the others I simply added “A customer said”).

Hans Richard said...
Through psychoanalysis, the Boasian school of anthropology, the New York intellectuals, advocating non-white immigration, communism, and other means, the Jews essentially broke the WASP establishment and displaced it with themselves. This was done in the name of combating anti-Semitism.

I once heard someone say that the Jewish people are inherently self-destructive. They were compared to the scorpion that rides the frog’s back across the river, and then stings the frog when it gets across. Upon the frog asking the scorpion why it would have done this, the scorpion replies it is simply in its nature. It could help itself from stinging the frog. I constantly thought of this metaphor while reading this book. The Jewish people did not need to engage in this attack on the white Christian American establishment. They were relatively safe and prosperous in this country. However, they simply could not help themselves. It is just their nature.

Aaron Cohen said...
I hope that Gentiles do not read this book. I wish I could say this book is inaccurate, unscholarly or untrue. But unfortunately, it’s not. It’s factual, well-written and firmly substantiated. I only hope that those reading this book do not hold all Jewish people responsible.

A customer said...
I do not believe that professor McDonald is an anti-Semite as some people dismiss him in previous comments. I believe that the term anti-Semite is a kind of name calling that Jews and non Jews use when they want to vilify an opponent that made some very good criticism towards anyone who is Jewish and to whom they are not able to respond using reason.

A customer said...
MacDonald’s work is an indispensable Rosetta stone for understanding five of the key intellectual and political movements of the 20th century: communism, Boasian anthropology, psychoanalysis, Critical Theory and radical immigration reform. One cannot easily dismiss MacDonald’s conclusion that the leaders of the last century’s most socially destructive movements were people with a deep sense of their Jewish identity. From communism to the 1965 Immigration Reform Act, these predominantly Jewish movements have insisted that gentiles make radical suicidal social reforms in response to their interminable critiques.

At the same time, Judaism has avoided practicing what it preaches. Can anyone imagine a European professor at a prestigious private university traveling around telling other whites that they should only marry other whites? That professor would be stripped of tenure and bounced out in a gale of denunciations by her school. Yet this is precisely what Deborah Lippstadt, professor of Jewish studies at Emory, has done for years. In unison with other prominent Jews, she has argued against intermarrying with gentiles in order to keep Judaism pure. Today, it appears that only the Chosen People are allowed to advocate freely for the preservation of their own race and culture.

A customer said...
The saddest and most important book ever written, in my humble opinion. The best word for describing this tour de force of knowledge that Dr. Kevin MacDonald has written is simply: sad. It made me so sad and angry to read this book, more than any other book has ever affected me. In almost every field you can imagine, the decline of the Germanic (WASP) or Northern-European man has at least equaled the rise of the Jews.

The most annoying and dangerous aspect of today’s intellectual climate is the total and explicitly Jewish victory in enforcing their views as the standard in the intellectual trends and movements of our time. This is what this book chronicles. From the gradual decline and eventually sudden disappearance of physical anthropology and racial theories in anthropology, thanks more or less exclusively to the influence of Franz Boas’ personal vendetta against the idea of “race”, and contrary to popular belief, not as a result of any “scientific breakthrough”.

I cannot emphasize enough the damage these people have done to the entire West. We have no moral right to our land. Then he concludes with the last chapter “Whither Judaism and the West?” Here he concludes that if we want to survive for much longer, we need to radically change our way of thinking. We have gone from being 30% of the world in 1900, to the fact that in 2008, only about 1 in a 100 persons is a European female of childbearing age. We need to immediately awake and regain the moral imperative we once had in the world. If this doesn’t happen soon, we will simply fade away.

A customer said...
Genius is a much over-used word in modern times, but with Mr. MacDonald it’s entirely appropriate. He’s even been vilified by the academic establishment like any true genius should be! This book is one of the most important ever written, right up there with The Origin of Species. If you are unhappy with modern times and can’t understand why we seem to be destroying the very foundations of our society, read this book. He doesn’t just make it clear, he provides notes and sources and an intellectually rigorous argument, which is why the media ignore him. One day, we will raise statues to him—if our culture survives.

A customer said...
This is a scholarly work that will forever change your view of the world. You will no longer be swayed so easily by public opinion, and fooled by this or that, left as a fool. If you ever find yourself wondering what happened to your grandpa’s America, you need to read this book to find out. Bottom line: but prepare to be hated for knowing.

A customer said...
The basic tenet of the book is straightforward: while there is no “conspiracy” among Jews to control the media or espouse left-wing causes, nevertheless the resonant memory of the Holocaust and Jewish pogroms throughout history has instinctively driven Jews to support causes and schools of thought that attack the dominant non-Jewish host culture. Jews are by no means the only people involved in these movements, and McDonald is clear that there is no “conspiracy” per se. However, Jews are prominent within the various movements discussed.

A customer said...
A taboo subject—in essence, Jewish domination of American culture—, thankfully coming to light a bit more in the wake of the disastrous Neo-Conservative era.

Steven E. Romer said...
I recommend this book as maybe the most important book written this century for its sheer potential for creating a revolution in thought that may solve some of the most heinous and long-lasting conflicts of all mankind. This book could be the most important book ever written if it does that.

E. Baumgartner said...
As a former leftist Hollywood Jew (I wrote TV shows), I can say from personal experience that Prof. MacDonald is 100% correct in this book. The shows I worked on: Mary Tyler Moore Show, That Girl, and Love American Style, among others, were nothing more than Jewish tools, for the most part, to undermine the innocence of American WASP culture (“Cultural Marxism” as Prof. MacDonald calls it).

Antonio Nuñez said...
Anytime anyone said something that might be construed as disparaging of Jews, they presented a united front, and fought back. Jews appeared smarter, more motivated and more cohesive than anyone else. And just why were there so many Jews involved in progressive causes all over the world, such as contraception, abortion rights, black and minority rights and free immigration? I had no answer to these questions until I read this book.

That Jewish leaders worked very hard to change the ethnic composition of several countries (such as the USA, Canada or Australia) is well-known because they themselves have said so; that they were successful is a fact, and that this has weakened the status (political, economic, cultural) of traditional WASP elites is indisputable.

I do not think the book is anti-Semitic, or conducive to anti-Semitism, as some have said. It describes one group’s strategies to pursue its own interests. That is surely legitimate, as it is legitimate to analyse it. Silencing reasonable lines of enquiry with appeals to common interests or to historical catastrophes is just preaching to the choir.

A customer said...
We took over your culture by promoting socialism and immigration of non-white people.

A customer said...
If Jewish intellectuals have been critiquing Western Protestant culture for over 150 years, are we allowed to reply? Or is it that because of Auschwitz Jews are untouchable, that any critique of Judaism and its current and past monopoly on our universities and intellectual life is anti-Semitic and therefore merely one step away from pogroms and gas chambers?

America stunned the world in two world wars with its dedication and industrial might to become the world’s leading nation. It’s all been downhill from there. America is now an indebted, deeply divided Tower of Babel of diffident cultures and religions with no national identity apart from the Gospel of “democracy”, that we force on other nations that might not want it, and “freedom of expression” which means mass abortion, gay marriage, promiscuity and sickening pornography.

Is this progress? How did we get here?

A. Alan Wolfe said...
For a University Professor to risk his career by writing three books about this highly sensitive topic is surely laudable, but I still kept asking myself, why? Wouldn’t just the thought of unleashing the whole Cult of Political Correctness upon oneself be daunting enough? But after reading this book it is obvious that the author realizes his conclusions are sound, and won’t easily be drowned out by the shopworn “anti-Semite” smear.

Do most Americans of European descent suppose that their rapid eclipsing by non-whites is just some natural phenomenon, like gravity? Because the roll that powerful Jews played in changing our immigration laws was essential, and without them it never would have happened. Things get even more insidious when you come to see the monumental hypocrisy on their part when openly discussing the results of those changes. White Americans are supposed to adopt multi-culturalism as one of their highest ideals, and to stand against it is to be tagged a “racist” or a “xenophobe”. But with Israel it is another matter entirely. Do we see this ethno-state’s leaders beating the drums for more diversity in the Holy Land? The complete opposite, actually. This is just one example of Jewish hubris explained so well by the author.

I recommend this book to anyone who is concerned about the decline of the West and wants honest answers. But if you happen to be a PC/conformist sort who never has an original thought that isn’t an extension of what’s on your television screen, then this information may be difficult to absorb.

This is a very, very important book. I’m confident that in the future, history will judge it so.

A customer said...
My question for the author is: Why have so many individuals of the “host” society so readily acquiesced or actively joined in on selling out their own nation, identity, and future? I suppose the answer is that it’s the propaganda in the schools and mass media, taking the easy way out, and not wanting to be called a racist or anti-Semite. If one does get unjustly tarred with that label what seems to happen is either the person so tarred apologizes and backs away from saying what he really believes (the usual case) or he becomes defensive (quite understandably) and does actually start to become prejudiced (unfortunately).

A customer said...
According to the popular portrayal, Jews in the US are among our most intelligent, hardworking, educated and patriotic fellow citizens. Due to their unique history of unjust persecution in Europe, culminating in the barbaric Nazi Holocaust, they have been leading activists for social justice here, selflessly using their wealth and talent to help those less fortunate including other ethnic minorities. Indeed, the Jew has become something of a moral exemplar for the rest of us: their “civil rights” groups such as the Anti-Defamation League (of B’nai Brith) have taken it upon themselves to cooperate with law enforcement in fighting “hate crimes,” and even offer to help parents keep their kids away from “racism” or other “hate speech” by “voluntary” internet filters. So praiseworthy are the Jews that even the few famous people who run afoul of them—from Marlon Brando to Dolly Parton to Prince Harry—inevitably see the light and apologize in order to maintain any public legitimacy whatsoever.

Startlingly juxtaposed against this hagiography is Kevin MacDonald’s unique history of organized Jewish intellectual movements in the 20th century. To him, Jews are a small, cohesive minority with interests distinct from and often in conflict with ours. They have used their wealth, their vast media ownership and their dominant positions in academic social science and psychiatry to relentlessly push their own sociopolitical agenda, most notably to delegitimize or “pathologize” any sense of group solidarity on the part of white gentiles; to deny any inborn factor in ethnic group behavioral differences; to eliminate the national origin quotas in U.S. immigration laws and darken forever the country’s complexion; and generally to “critique” the cultural and moral traditions of Western civilization.

Why would the Jews, so prosperous in modern America, want to undermine its very foundations? According to MacDonald, Jews simply feel more comfortable in a multiracial, multicultural society.

Who is Kevin MacDonald? A rabid anti-Semite? A neo-Nazi skinhead? Actually, he’s a tenured California State University Professor of Psychology who studies human behavior in a Darwinian framework. His work is extensively researched and documented, and most significantly, his major claims about self-interested Jewish motives are in fact backed up by quotations from prominent Jews.

Due to his scientific perspective, MacDonald stops short of advocating any particular political solution to the policies causing the impending demographic eclipse of the white race.

A customer said...
Writing about Jewish subjects is nowadays a very risky business unless one limits himself to the conventional pietisms and platitudes. Prof. MacDonald certainly doesn’t do that.

A customer said...
To look at the West now, and the corrupting influence 20th century Jewish thinkers have had on it, which is the focus of Professor MacDonald’s The Culture of Critique, it looks like the Jews have won over white gentiles, now a generally submissive race that often acquiesces to strategies detrimental to its survival.

A customer said...
I know many people know something in the Western world is terribly wrong. I mean we have became ashamed of ourselves, our history, our political and social groups have become pathologized, our universities and school are poisoning our kids with political correctness ad infintum, and worst of all our defense mechanism to defend our ethnic interests in lands we have been dominant have collapsed.

Why are countries in Europe and America the only ones that are open to all peoples of the world? And we are paralyzed to the point were we can do nothing about it. In short our entire race has been deceived by a small hostile ethnocentric group of people who used the tongues of universalism to fool us to march toward our own extinction.

These started with the Boasian school of anthropology and Horace Kallen (cultural pluralism), the Frankfurt school (the authoritarian personality), the 60’s counterculture revolution (New Left), the New York intellectuals and neoconservatives, psychoanalysis and Freud’s cult, and of course the involvement in destroying all restrictions in our immigration policies. This movements and some others were spread in the West like a hydrogen bomb infiltrating every country from United States to Europe and Australia. They used their media control, newspaper control, top positions in the universities and schools to spread this ideas which puts into question all of our fundamental ideas about our people’s survival.

Will we survive? The last chapter answers the dynamics to that question using evolutionary models of human group behavior. I really don’t want to write a serious review. Frankly I just don’t care. My main point is: read this book before passing judgment. Read the book to understand what has happen to us in the twentieth century and what will happen to us if we don’t change our behavior (to ethnic collectivism) in the very near future.

Marian Van Court said...
It is quite apparent to every rational person that the Western world is currently caught in the jaws of some sort of lunatic, left-wing hysteria called political correctness—but why? Do these things just happen, like the weather? Or do people make them happen?

MacDonald’s trilogy, particularly The Culture of Critique, provides a unique, well-documented explanation for nearly all the plagues which have afflicted us in the past century: Marxism, psychoanalysis, massive third world immigration, egalitarianism, promotion of homosexuality, the taboo against eugenics, and the profound corruption of the social sciences. These are not independent, unrelated catastrophes which simply descended upon us from nowhere, they are all part of one massive campaign. According to MacDonald, the current Zeitgeist in its various manifestations is the product of Jews and Jewish organizations working for many decades to re-create the social and political world of the West, bit by bit, into one which is maximally favorable to their own ethnic interests.

Kevin MacDonald’s trilogy is a cautious, unemotional, thorough work of a dedicated scholar, one which is meticulously documented, and drawn largely from Jewish sources, yet the implications of his findings are explosive. It doesn’t take the average American long to realize that the dominant social and political culture which Jewry has imposed upon us is inimical to the interests of the other 98% of the country, and to European-Americans in particular. Many Americans bitterly reject this alien culture, but they are deeply confused about exactly how and why it all came into being, and who or what, precisely, is behind it. MacDonald is the source for answers.

A customer said...
Is it IQ or tribal solidarity? John French, in his review, falls into a simple statistical error when he concludes that higher IQ explains the complete control of the means of communication by Jews. He misses the fact that because Northern European Whites outnumber Jews in America by 30 to 1 they also produce every year far more super-geniuses, geniuses, and near-geniuses.

So, even if proportionally Jews may produce more high IQ individuals per 1000 than Whites, they produce far fewer in absolute numbers. Another source of statistical error for Mr. French is his baseline use of 15 IQ points as the difference between average European White IQ and Jewish IQ. 9 points of IQ is more commonly quoted.

In sum, the only sufficient mechanism explaining the total hegemony over communications channels that the tiny Jewish population has constructed during its short sojourn in the midst of White populations is organization. Tribal organization. Precisely the patterns of group solidarity that Professor MacDonald so meticulously documents in his supremely important piece of scholarship and insight. Very high IQ insight. And very suppressed. The media blackout, censorship, and ridicule that the genius Professor MacDonald’s book gets actually makes the same point that his book makes!

A customer said...
Your reaction to this book will turn largely on whether you buy the premise; i.e. that Jewish intellectual movements of the past 150 years—many of which have been extremely critical of Western Civilization—are motivated by instinctual, Darwinian drives for group survival and advantage, which are largely unconscious. I buy the argument, and so I loved this book.

You will never view MTV and it’s filth the same way again. Pat Buchanan chronicles this well in his latest book The Death of the West, although he doesn’t get at the root causes of this catastrophe as does MacDonald.

A customer said...
Have you ever wondered, for example, why we have “black” studies and “Jewish” studies but the mere mention of “white” studies is automatically considered racist or anti-Semitic? This book, the conclusion to a three part scholarly treatment of Judaism and western culture, will absolutely blow your mind. In ten years people will look at this book as the seminal catalyst to a reinterpretation of 20th century America. Read it, but be careful who you talk to about it.


Well, I wasn’t so careful and got expelled from the counter-jihad blogsite where I used to publish.

But the issue that really concerns us is that the frog (the West) has already been stung. It will die. It will sink soon—with the Jews aboard.

Incidentally, Prof. MacDonld agreed with my republishing the Preface of his book in this blog (here).


Anonymous said...

Kevin MacDonald's Cultural Insurrections is also very powerful, and like that one Amazon reviewer said, very sad. If the world made sense, MacDonald would have an endowed chair at Harvard or Stanford, rather than an appointment at an obscure state school at which the leaders would fire him if they could. He also seems to be very a humble guy. A hero and a saint in my book, whatever the case.

Chechar said...

Thanks. I was unaware of its existence. Amazon doesn't sell it anymore. Sold out? Out of print? But TOQ seems to sell copies I believe. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

Hans Richard: "Through psychoanalysis...Boasian...New York intellectuals...non-white immigration...communism...the Jews essentially broke the WASP establishment and displaced it with themselves. This was done in the name of combating anti-Semitism. ... The Jewish people did not need to engage in this attack on the white Christian American establishment."

It was not to combat anti-semitism. It was to corrupt and conquer.

And they did need to engage in this attack because they hate Christ, and they need Americans to use as meat puppets and cash sources.

Re: "Judaism has avoided practicing what it preaches."

Jews do exactly what Judaism preaches.

Re: "there is no “conspiracy” among Jews to control the media"


Chechar said...

I didn’t include all the Amazon reviews I wanted to re-publish. Two of them were autobiographical testimonials by non-Americans that I liked:

Jack Penns said...

Coming from a small mono-ethnic town in Western-Europe I used to have no doubts about the truth as it was presented to me by all kinds of media at that time. It is still the truth for most western people: multiculturalism, interracial marriage, homo- and bisexuality, liberalism towards drugs are all cases that are fought for by honest intellectuals who want to create a better world. The so-called idealists.

Moving to a city to study at university I gradually began to see the other side of all these so-called achievements in practice: criminality, violence, divorce, explicit promotion of perversity, prostitution, large-scale heroin addiction etcetera. The strange thing is: West-Europeans have learned to find all this completely normal. After being confronted with the other side of so-called liberal society, the thinking process starts.

At first I tried to find the answer to the “why question” mostly in traditional rightwing politics. In Europe, unfortunately, the so-called rightwing does not differ fundamentally from the leftwing in fighting the excesses sketched above. In fact, it is all nearly the same! Except some so-called far-right parties, nearly every party in Western-Europe is pro gay-marriage for example! Living in the US nowadays I know that Republican and Democratic politics can differ to a much greater extent. But to the point: by experience, reading and reconstructing I went on answering the “why question”, but with Kevin MacDonald’s book a lot of pieces from the big puzzle fell into place.

I know that I’m not the only one who has experienced great feelings of guilt on the way to finding the truth about certain sociological phenomena. [Chechar’s note: A feeling that so overwhelms those in counter-jihad that they won’t ever dare to see the elephant in the room.] From their youngest years most western people are subject to an ongoing stream of indoctrination that aims at forbidding to even think about certain facts or opinions. After reading this book nobody can deny that a lot of things presented as liberalism are just ways to divide and confuse Western man.

This divide-and-conquer liberalism has nothing to do with freedom. From my experience in Europe I can say that Jews there have many high positions in government, entertainment and other large companies. A lot of these functions have to do with promoting multiculturalism and shaping a nationwide and international thought police that is mostly called anti-racism. Although MacDonald’s book is mostly focused on America, the presented theory holds for Europe as well.

The most striking aspect of the whole book is the organized thought control by institutions who see in certain opinions a conflict with Jewish interests. This book is one of the biggest eye-openers available to everyone who is anxious to understand what exactly is going on in the Western world.


Chechar said...

Purab said...

Before I came to the United States, I had the greatest and utmost respect for this country and its institutions...

However, within a few months in the U.S., I was shocked and dismayed at what I saw—a national morally and cultural bankruptcy, a media that constantly lied about the equality of all races when the blacks on scholarship in the graduate school could not understand simple math that I did in high school and values and promoted barbaric values like miscegenation, pornography (but muzzled common-sense speech) and crooked professors promoting immigration while Americans were standing in the unemployment line.

And in this university, left-wing professors spewed garbage about “discrimination”, “racism” and “homophobia” and “multiculturalism” in America and promoted “tolerance” and attacked normal behaviors and common-sense ad lib, but when I (a non-white) told them that in my culture homosexuality was sickening, and abnormal, and whites were respected and admired because of their great scientific discoveries, their cultural ethos, and other achievements, and that in our culture we recognize that all people are not equally capable, and we recognize and accept that blacks are not as intellectually gifted as whites in general, the left-wing professor’s self-professed bogus “tolerance” evaporated and suddenly I and my culture, the non-white she was supposed to worship and admire, suddenly became branded as a “racist” in her myopic view, for expressing some common-sense, and she [also saw] a intellectually-bankrupt “barbarian” in mine. I was also shocked and dismayed at some of my fellow students being persecuted as “racists”, for speaking some obvious truths and expected better in a country that goes around the world promoting “freedom” but denies it to its own people.

When I asked some white students why this was going on in their country, they told me “the Jews control the media”, but I did not believe it one bit. It just made no sense.

As I lived in shock at the insanity and the barbarianism (which is the word I find best describes this moral and cultural perversity so rampant here), I kept searching for answers but I did notice something strange—the people who were most promoting these pervert and barbaric views (multiculturalism, mass immigration from the 3rd world, pornography, white-oppression, anti-religion, miscegenation, anti-morality, sexual exploitation of white women, homosexuality, anti-family), were mostly Jews! After every TV program where such barbaric ideas were promoted, I watched closely to see the names of the people behind them, and surely, there were many Jews at the top! And when I switched to PBS, it often showed almost every month stories of the holocaust, repeatedly portraying Jews as being oppressed, over and over ad nauseum, but showed almost no programs about other genocide where far more people had perished. Apparently, the phony multiculturalism of my professor and PBS is mainly for Jews only, not for my culture. But I wondered—why are Jews doing this? Don’t they realize that their children would grow up in the same cultural cesspool that they are helping create?

The Culture of Critique truly added greatly to my understanding of why this is happening. It is shocking that a group that is less than 2% of the population can control, manipulate and subjugate the other 98%. I think this is a great book and I recommend it not only for whites, but for all other groups to understand the modus operandi of the cultural war against the United States and civilization and the purpose behind it. The knowledge from this book will be one of the best weapons of any civilization in the cross-hairs of Jewish hegemony. If we stop buying the anti-cultural magazines and newspapers, stop supporting universities which are cultural cesspools, stop supporting Hollywood... most of their power over us would evaporate.

Our nation, our civilization and our lives are at stake.