Saturday, May 01, 2010

The Jewish Problem

Today I removed from my watchlist all counter-jihad blogsites from my computer bar, including the Brussels Journal. Yes: since 2008 I had been an avid reader of the counter-jihad literature online that covers news about the Islamization of Europe that are taboo for the treasonous mainstream media. But I am fed up of counter-jihadists. These people just don’t want to see the elephant in the sitting room: the Jewish Problem.

Below I include the subheadings of the preface of Kevin MacDonald’s The Culture of Critique, originally published in 1998 by Praeger. Prof. MacDonald’s continuing efforts to expose the most conspicuous object in the sitting room, the amazing power of the Jews in our civilization, an hostile minority, move me to consider him as probably the most important academic of the western world, and I thank him for allowing me to republish his Preface.

I will divide the long Preface in ten entries. However, since in blogs the oldest entries are read last, in inverse order as we read a book, for convenience I will be linking them in this entry, a sort of Contents Page:

Preface to the First Paperback Edition [opening paragraphs]

The Decline of Ethnic Consciousness Among European-Derived People in the U.S.

The Evolutionary Origins of European Individualism

The Evolutionary Origins of Jewish Collectivism and Ethnocentrism

Jewish Involvement in Communism and the Radical Left

From the Culture of Critique to the Culture of the Holocaust

Jews and the Media: Shaping “Ways of Seeing”

Jewish Organizations and Censorship of the Internet

The Question of Bias



Anonymous said...

From Portugal...welcome to the real fight, the preservation of euro-white nations. Those anti-jihad sites and organizations may be right on some subjects but they only see a small part of the problem, in some cases they are ignorant of the true dimension of the threat and in others because some of those sites are actually made by enemies of European preservation. Defending jewish interests is not the same as defending Europe.

Chechar said...

Ditto. As I have said elsewhere, “most of these people ignore the great mass of ice below the tip of the iceberg that collided with the Titanic (the West). It was this invisible mass of ice, not the visible tip (Islam) what collided and irreparably damaged the West to such a degree that it will sink in the coming decades. I have in mind the demographic winter caused by liberalism in general and feminism in particular. As we define it, liberalism is the greatest enemy within. It is driving us to the reduction, and eventual extinction, of whites. Counter-jihadists, mesmerized as they are with Islam, avoid the survival of their own race as a subject. Intellectual cowardice on this issue permeates all strata of our society: the greatest taboo today.” Today I would add that, as explained by MacDonald’s Preface, the Jews helped to create this suicidal ethos. Obviously, compared with MSM counter-jihadists are valiant princes, but compared with us they are intellectual cowards. Lemmings.

Anonymous said...

Very true. And liberalism is the political enemy, both in its social-cultural expression (known in anglo-saxon cultures as left-wing) as in it's economic expression of global financial capitalism (know in continental Europe as right-wing).

Let me just clear that although i am aware of the Jewish role in destroying our countries i do not believe in blaming it all on them or on some sort of global Jewish master plan. For them is just a matter of survival: in order to develop and occupy the power positions in white nations they need to not bee seen as a foreign body, and they know that a society where diversity is the norm and cultural relativism is a fact won’t see them as an alien culture. The only diversity they reject is the Islamic one, for known reasons, every other foreign bodies permeating Europe have their fullest support!

Chechar said...

Of course: the Jews cannot be blamed for everything. They are just doing their thing, as any other ethnic group competing in the same territory. The tragedy for Jews, and Gentiles, is that the former have higher IQs. This leads to awkward historical dynamics: the Jews tend to become dominant in the societies that don’t discriminate against them (of course: they cannot get dominant in Islamic countries). Have you read Count Clermont-Tonnerre’s quotation below the masthead of this blog?

Unknown said...

The assumption that Jews have superior intelligence to Europeans is total falsehood. That one hears White Nationalists repeating the meme as expiation for some type of guilt within the 'so-called' nationalist movement, is unfortunate.

Obviously, Jews are not more intelligent. They are just adept at exploiting various psychological opportunities.
Stop forwarding this 'frame'. Jewish intelligence is more highly developed in minority group cohesion and exploitation of a host society, it is their speciality.
Whites are more intelligent in creating advanced civilization and furthering the expansion and growth of the individual consciousness. Therein lies the conflict.

If you don't stop propagating this frame you are doomed.

Chechar said...

Sorry but it seems you are wrong. Just today Kevin MacDonald published an article on the relatively higher IQ of Jews at The Occidental Observer.

Unknown said...

Chechar, you may have a problem being convinced, (for obvious reasons)... but for Mcdonald to repeat this nonsense is troubling.
No matter what someone else says the evidence that Jews are of a sub intelligence is overwhelming.
Unless you consider exploitation and wholesale degradation of a societies highest ideals as 'intelligence'.
But then I forget most Americans and Anglo's have been indoctrinated to believe this is the case.
At any rate, It is not so much a case of Jewish intelligence as it is Anglo-American stupidity.

Chechar said...

You are conflating two different things here: IQ and intelligence. “Intelligence” in the broadest cannot be measured scientifically, like IQ. (IQ tests don’t lie, the methodology is more and more precise.)