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An aborted postscript to my book

“Writing about Stravinsky’s Le Sacre du Printemps, Pierre Boulez stated that it was the comeback of barbarous hordes in our century, what I may call the Id’s revenge.”César Tort

My book The Return of Quetzalcoatl is being published in the blogsite Gates of Vienna. The book explains a phrase that in the past I used in the masthead of this blog: “The legacy of Lloyd deMause and Alice Miller might unearth the psychological roots of the West’s suicide.”

Update of 3 March 2010

Seven chapters plus the Preface were published in the Gates of Vienna (GoV) blogsite. A couple of days ago Baron Bodissey, the GoV administrator, informed me that he won’t be publishing the rest of the chapters. Reason: After realizing for the first time in my life that Jewish influence on U.S. immigration has been very noxious, and saying it openly in my blog, the Baron told me that he won’t be publishing the rest of the chapters. According to him, in my blog thread I had welcomed comments from real National Socialists who believe that the Jews are inferior and that they must be exterminated!

Jesus. I was absolutely flabbergasted by this e-mail, since the long Tanstaafl article republished in my blog explicitly states: “I do not say that Whites are the master race and Jews are subhuman. I do not say that I want to exterminate Jews. I do not secretly crave such things and I resent anyone who projects their own imagined hatreds into my head.”

This projection aside, even after I rebutted the Baron about it, he expelled me from publishing in his site because I stated in my blog that I am no longer a philo-Semite.

If the Jewish question is a forbidden topic in mainstream media, supression of free speech even in the blogosphere makes one feel a little angry. I had been publishing chapters in GoV since last July, and I don’t know where the rest of my book will have a proper readership.

On the other hand, I believe it was a necessary step to say adieu to false friends: those exclusively concerned with the Islamization of the West but indifferent to the dilution, and eventual extinction, of their own ethnic group (and thus of Western civilization).

The good news is that I have made new, real friends: white nationalists.

Update of 9 March 2010

I have published Chapter 8 in this blog. Also, below I include a draft of the "Postscript to The Return of Quetzalcoatl for the GoV edition" that was never published at:

Monsters from the Id

Having in mind the excesses of the Third Reich’s violent yang, in his essay Empire of Yin Takuan Seiyo hints some dialectics: “Thus will excess yang always bring about a counter wave of yin, which will generate a third—and usually destructive—force vector.” But in the same essay Seiyo does not seem to assert in absolute terms that the Oriental concept fully explains the etiology of the current debacle in the West: “It is difficult to deal with the dystopia of the West partly because we don’t have an accurate concept of its genesis.” Furthermore, after publishing his Empire of Yin, in his book From Meccania to Atlantis Seiyo writes that 500 years from now archeologists will be slicing through the stratum of the broken remains of European and American cities wondering what had destroyed this civilization, where “all the answers are no answers” for the simple reason that “it’s not the real answer, except if this be a society of madmen.” Seiyo adds:
What we are witnessing is a voluntary self-destruction carried out by democratically elected political leaders on acquiescing populations that, largely, refuse to see The Emperor’s New Clothes even as his naked arse is at arm’s length from their faces.
Note the phrase “acquiescing populations.” Free Hal has noticed it too in a brief Gates of Vienna essay that elicited a substantial amount of comments.

All the answers about the cause of our self-destruction are ultimately no answers. However, in science and especially in medicine it is considered barely scientific to approach a disease if its cause is not well established. Mental disorders for example are so mysterious that after a century of research professionals are still debating whether they truly belong to the medical specialty in the first place.

In a similar vein of Seiyo’s, Fjordman wrote:
Well, the West is currently stark, raving mad, and sometimes actively hates itself. I’m scratching my head trying to find out where this self-loathing comes from. Maybe we feel guilty because we are so successful and rich and accomplished that we just can’t take it anymore. But where do such ideas about guilt originate from?
From an insecure attachment to our parents, of course. We are all mammals, and primates to boot. And since among the primates we have the record of the longest childhood, a super-Stockholm syndrome makes adult children of abusive parents turn the other cheek for nonexistent wrongs, as explained in my first chapter. This is the real curse of the Homo sapiens, but we are barely starting to discover it. To illustrate this hypothesis I would like follow Seiyo’s lead in From Meccania to Atlantis with still another 1956 sci-fi film: Forbidden planet, where the “monsters from the Id” destroyed a very advanced culture because of unconscious forces that the inhabitants of that planet were clueless about their existence.

In the epilogue I mentioned the ancient word “daimon,” which I first read in Stefan Zweig’s The Struggle with the Daimon. The daimon symbolizes the forces of the Id. Analyzing specific individuals, in my blog I have posted a couple of entries about these daimonic forces that nobody in the counter-jihad, or even in the broader conservative movement, seems to know. Actually, very few in the mental health professions are familiar with it, as is demonstrated in my previous books written in Spanish. In English, see for example my analysis of Teresa, an European who hates the West that I know personally. I believe that this analysis can be extrapolated to other people who, like her, celebrate mass migration in Europe.

Why do I reject the current explanations on the Islamization of the West that border on conspiracy theories? Because there are many people like Teresa among the “acquiescing populations,” not only among our ruling elites, as Free Hal has reminded us in his article linked above. We must look for a deeper psychological explanation for our self-loathing.

The Return of Quetzalcoatl

No human being has an absolutely secure attachment with his or her parents, as hinted by Colin Ross since the beginning of my book. It is no wonder, therefore, that after the two world wars, with an “empire of Yin” as the psychological Diktat for good-thinking in the ensuing zeitgeist, our inner rage could only find an escape valve by re-directing it against ourselves.

According to the late legend, Quetzalcoatl was a white god who disliked the practice of human sacrifice; he bled his penis instead. Now, in the twenty-first century, the white self-harmer god has returned. We may not perform human sacrifices, but we do self-sacrifice the yang element from our character. Liberalism—which besides the unholy trinity of race, gender (feminism) and sexual orientation includes political correctness, pseudoscientific environmental scares, demographic decline, cultural collapse in the form of mass immigration, multicultural dogma and cultural relativism; false feelings of guilt for our colonialist past, willful blindness before a revived Islam and even two minutes hate in the form of massive, anti-Western demonstrations—is but an immense teoatl: a Nahua word I mentioned only once in the book as a metaphor of an orgy of self-sacrifice. All of this teoatl has a common denominator: the debasement of our culture and ethnic group. What we are dealing with is a new incarnation of the Id monster that nobody in the West, and I mean nobody, has identified yet.

Since Lloyd deMause sides the political left, he has never used his own notion of group fantasy to analyze the present mad world where all the answers about the cause of our self-destruction are ultimately no answers. On this point I would like to make an observation. Mental health clinicians have noted that if anger toward the real perpetrators—abusive parenting—is blocked, either depression or self-harming behavior will eventually emerge. This is also the conclusion of my analysis of Andrew Solomon, a prelude of my analysis of other Western self-haters here.

In group fantasies you either sacrifice others or sacrifice yourself. Since the 1960s the West has chosen, Solomon-like, the second way, self-injury: something analogous to the deliberate infliction of tissue damage with or without suicidal intent, as the mythical Quetzalcoatl did. Since in this postscript I do not pretend to offer anything else than a prolegomena to this complex subject, let us put the working hypothesis in a nutshell: Due to unresolved childhood trauma, since the latter half of the last century the unconscious hatred toward the abusive parents has been transferred onto pathological hatred for our parents’ culture, i.e., our culture. This may sound rather far-fetched, but at least in clinical observations at the Ross Institute for Psychological Trauma it can be ascertained that the self-cutters formerly abused at home say that the cutting makes them feel alive or reborn. At least in psychiatric settings, both Seiyo’s “madmen” and Fjordman’s “But where do such ideas about guilt originate from?” can be understood under the light of the trauma model and the locus of control shift.

Even though pre-Columbian sacrifice was infinitely cruder, the unconscious drive that moves both self-harmers and the white westerners who are bleeding their civilization to a certain death might be the same. As we saw in the second part of this book, Mesoamerican sacrifice of others only replaced self-sacrifice. Amerindian sacrifice was, ultimately, the sacrifice of the ego. We also saw that, paradoxically, child sacrifice was practiced throughout history during the most prosperous times. Likewise, in an infinitely higher plane such as Western civilization, according to deMause the economic depressions in modern nations are caused by growth panics. From this viewpoint, the elaboration of fantastic climate scenarios by environmentalists is no less than their fear before our prosperity. A related suicidal ethos compels us to sacrifice the future of our children and grandchildren who might end up fleeing an Europe under Islam. From the psychohistorical viewpoint, the drive for civilizational suicide behind this unconscious force, either by Mesoamericans (whose culture disappeared cyclically) or modern westerners, has the same etiology.

Throughout history humans have identified a variety of scapegoats as substitute objects for their unresolved traumas due to poor parenting. Once the West itself is the identified whipping-boy for the current group fantasy, it is considered fair-play to project even the most psychotic forms of self-loathing onto ourselves, like president Clinton telling an Arab audience that it is “very positive” that whites will be no more the majority in America in the next few decades.

Nevertheless, I am not a psychoreductionist like deMause. Emergent stages such as economics, politics, social movements and especially art seem to move in a logic of their own. This translation of my book should be read in the context of what I call the eagles’ view in counter-jihad: the bloggers whose privileged perspective see what is happening in the world from a cloudless sky. The eagles are like geographers: they can describe the seas, the rivers, the land, the forests and even a mountain from the above. But they cannot explain why a rising volcano, or an earthquake, came up just there in their visual field. I on the other hand understand myself as a sort of geologist of the psyche. The plate tectonics of the inner, unconscious selves or daimons, explains how the mountain was formed or why the world is about to explode among the fury of pyroclastic flows and megatons of vomited magma. My chosen field of knowledge does not contradict the eagles’ point of view. Twentieth-century plate-tectonics modeling only complements and explains nineteenth-century observational geography. However, the study of the monsters of our unconscious is so disturbing that I very much doubt that conservatives will takeover psychohistory from its treasonous owners.

Why do I publish my fourth book in Gates of Vienna then?

Like Dr. Morbius of Forbidden Planet I must confess I had a premonition about the coming catastrophe. Perhaps it is too late to start looking for a Spanish publisher: it takes time to find one and still more time to see if it will ever be translated into English. I decided therefore that the manuscript should be exhumed out into the blogosphere, what Baron Bodissey appropriately calls the monastery of Lindisfarne. If there is indeed something as cataclysmic as the fall of the Roman empire in the future that might start to reverse the current paradigm, a survivor will find someday at the monastery’s library a dusty, marginal and far-fetched psychological model that might help him to figure out where could the monsters that destroyed this civilization have come from.


Update of 3 October 2010:

Presently I believe that the cause of Western malaise is threefold: (1) Liberalism, understood as the last phase of Western Christian civilization as Conservative Swede argues; (2) the Jewish problem that very strongly and efficiently catalyzes liberalism, and (3) the monsters from the Id as explained here, especially among the most extreme cases of cultural self-hatred and self-racism among whites.

An overtly “monstrous” Id is only one side of the psycho-historical approach. The Id’s revenge can take subtler forms too. Today, a poster at Mangan’s answered the question, Why did change happen so quickly in the 1960s? He responded by pointing out the unprecedented buying power of the young; and that the generation that survived the depression and that won World War II wanted nothing so much as to spare their children those miseries. The anonymous commenter also noted that those parents thus spoiled their children, the Baby Boomers, who were indulged and had money to spend.

I myself entered the discussion at Mangan’s with this comment:

Rick Darby said... “I have no all-explanatory theory of what caused this. Probably morals had been changing through the '50s, but in a clandestine way. By the early '60s, the changes surfaced in a generation that had a less strict upbringing than earlier ones.”

Perhaps psychohistory could be useful here, both Lloyd deMause’s approach (childrearing) and Julian Jaynes’ psychohistory (long time ago mankind suffered a cataclysmic breakdown from its schizoid stage). The theory is a little complex but a short post of mine in this thread at Gates of Vienna may give an idea. In a nutshell I would say that an entire psychoclass in modern times, what deMause calls helping mode of childrearing, has cataclysmically confused liberty with licentiousness.

Update of 23 December 2010:

Having read Michael O’Meara’s Toward the White Republic I realized that there is a fourth factor which should had been listed as factor #2 in the above list.

O’Meara is a nationalist who believes that the United States is “the principal enemy of the American nation.” Although he does accept the Jewish Problem as a very serious problem, he states, “this enemy is not the omnipotent Jew” “but the corporate, technocratic elite.”

Corporate capitalism is our main enemy according to O’Meara. As he states on page 93, because the system prioritizes money and greed, the country’s historical racial hierarchy was overturned; the social engineers ethnically cleansed whites through the flooding masses of Negroes; whites being resocialized as mindless, deracinated consumers. The contents of page 91 provide a very vivid illustration of how this corporate capitalism destroyed far more our traditional culture than the terrible totalitarian regimes that the people of the Eastern bloc endured:
When Thomas Molnar, who played an important role in the US conservative movement of the 1960s and ’70s, returned to his native Hungary after the collapse of the Soviet empire, he found, to his astonishment, that traditional culture and education, which had virtually disappeared in the West, were still very much alive in the former Soviet bloc.
From this viewpoint, the One Ring in the LOTR saga, the ring of greed and power, is the real culprit, as Michael Colhaze has speculated recently at Occidental Observer.


4Symbols said...

Hi Chechar, posted this comment at GoV, and here if you wish to reply.

The premise is similar to the school of psychology asserting that because of the alleged beatings and bad parenting endured by Adolf Hitler as a child that this then resulted in the murder of six million jews.

This victimology is the very form of psychological warfare that has brought the U.K. to its knees, it is particularly effective when constituted in the education system, in short it displaces and negates any kind of individual resposibility in this case that of Adolf Hitler by making him a victim of his parents, the parents are victims of their own bad parenting and society. The outcome the state controls and conditions the constituents of the family.

It works on an (State-sponsored) idealised notion of childhood, parenting and the family.

This form psychological warfare is well advanced in U.K. political and social policy.

Chechar said...

Not so. If you read Alice Miller’s book on Hitler, you will see that she doesn’t exempt him or the Nazis of responsibility. Nor do I.

By the way, have you read the recent posts in Gates of Vienna’s thread on Hitler and the Nazis? Zenster actually read one of my references. I would recommend you do the same.

If you respond to this post in GoV would you be kind enough to state there that some discussion about your points is taking place in this blog? Thank you.

César (a.k.a. “Chechar”).

Chechar said...

In VFR Charles S. very recently wrote about Forbidden Planet:

“I had occasion to see the classic science fiction movie Forbidden Planet (1956), and was reminded again of how enjoyable it was, taken simply as entertainment. However, this time it occurred to me that the plot can be seen as a political metaphor. At the risk of reading too much meaning into it, the tragic antagonist is the scientist played by Walter Pidgeon, who also represents the ancient and extinct Krell race that long ago populated the planet but somehow mysteriously disappeared. As the plot develops, we finally understand that the Krell committed racial suicide because they released their darker, most evil natures that they had somehow forgotten or failed to acknowledge. The evil was always present, but was unwittingly given destructive power via the Krell’s ultimate societal/technical construction that provided any material want just by thinking about it. As the scientist likewise succumbs, the movie likens this to Freud’s id released through the subconscious.

This is the type of message that our culture used to deliver as both a teaching device and a reinforcement of traditionalism. Now it is anathema, quaint, outdated, replaced by the noxious Avatar. I think we’ve fallen a long way.”


Something that I wrote in the non-published chapters strongly reminded me the words of Conservative Swede that I could very well have quoted somewhere in the Quetzalcoatl:

“With Christ as part of the equation, the Christian ethics of the Gospels became balanced. Humans were seen as imperfect and it was Christ who covered for us with his self-sacrifice. In Secular Christianity each person has to be like Jesus himself, doing self-sacrifice, since there’s no other way to realize Christian ethics.”

Suicidal liberalism might be, in part, a latter-day (and distorted) incarnation of the original morals of Christianity.