Friday, February 18, 2011

Sherwood Smith on the One Ring

Sometimes the commentariat section of the blogs contains even more interesting posts that the original article. Here I repost a slightly edited comment from a TOQ thread. The author, Sherwood Smith, called this specific section of his comment a “super point.” It resonates strongly with a featured article republished in this blog: a Jew-led corporate plutocracy, the One Ring of greed and power, as the root cause of Western malaise. Smith wrote:

Another reason for all the immigration legal and illegal is one not mentioned too often: Our whole corporate tax structure, government financing, etc is built on one principle: continued growth. Social Security, all government pensions, our tax structure, government programs are a giant Ponzi Scheme that can only exist as long as there is continued growth in population, tax revenue, additional government employees, continued expansion of government programs, etc. Well, the supporters of this ever-expanding, parasitic, scheme are the white Americans. But... white Americans have declining birth rates just like Japan, Germany, Russia, England and all other white cultures. That means the end of growing government programs, growing and expanding religious activities, growing and expanding infrastructure, or in other words, anything that is expanding from white revenue is threatened.

What is the white ruling elite’s solution? Smart people have known about these things for years! The solution is simple, flood the white countries with foreigners, any foreigners, and attempt to manage, assimilate, and train the new citizens to replace the declining white citizens. It is a race-replace—the declining white race with warm bodies from anywhere in the word so giant public corporations, giant Christian monopolies, and giant government programs can continue to exist and expand. The Black and the Mexican is being used by the White Ruling Elite to fuel the future growth and expansion.

White America is under attack from all sides. Everything that has represented white America is under attack: white man’s religion; white man’s history; white man’s accomplishments; white man’s creativity; white man’s family, etc. Consider these final thoughts:

Of lately the vast majority of the white population is constantly feed a great deal of propaganda about the threat of Islam to America. But has anyone asking these questions:

• What is the name of the organization that has removed more symbols of White Christianity from public schools, the Boy Scouts, and corporate America?

• Even though the vast majority of white Americans are opposed to making homosexual marriages legal, why are public corporations and elected officials, both controlled by the White Ruling Elite, allowing, promoting, assisting, and propping up homosexual activists?

• Why are politicians (powerful white men) refusing to enforce existing immigration laws?

• Why has Protestant Christian leadership (influential and powerful white men) abandoned what were core Christian values just 40 years ago?

• Why was the Jew considered the “son of Satan” for nearly 1960 years, but now they are a part of the “Judea-Christian” culture of America.

• Why is “holocaust denial” a crime in most Western Countries? Why is a porno, scum bag like Larry Flynt held up as a hero of freedom of speech, but Zundel and Toben are silently swept to the side and sitting in prison for exercising their freedom of speech?

• Where is the white leadership that in the past has always risen to the occasion?

• When was the last time you saw a movie, TV show, or news cast that portrayed the White Man in a positive, noble, and inspiring role?

No Revolution can come before its time, and no revolution can take place outside of a revolutionary party or organization. Lone wolfs and cell terrorists only destroy existing empires and organizations. Only a Revolutionary Party or Organization can build an empire or country.


Armor said...

I don't understand the analogy with Lord of the Rings, but I think that Jewish influence is exerted through concentric rings :

I. in left-wing activism
Jews are the hub of the progressive left, as Hunter Wallace wrote somewhere. The white leftists are trying to subvert (what's left of) western society, but they do not realize that their own goals have been subverted by Jewish activists. The left holds the media and the institutions. And Jewish activists hold the left. As Wandrin said somewhere, the left wouldn't exist as a coherent force without the Jews: they are what holds together what is in reality a highly disparate collection of pressure groups. And as K.MacDonald wrote on his blog, Jews are the financial engine of the left.

II. in the administration (government, institutions...)

1. Instead of having an open democratic system, we are governed by a small ruling clique. They co-opt one another and refuse to listen to the people.

2. The small ruling clique is under heavy Jewish influence.

I think it is a double-tier system, not a direct Jewish dictatorship. But Jewish influence seems to be the main reason why western governments have been turning into soft dictatorships.

We can find other imbricated rings elsewhere. For example free-masonry got a grip on society by making secret alliances. A secrete alliance often works like this: Among a 100-people organization, 10 people secretly agree to vote only for one another. Because the alliance is kept secret, they will still get a few votes from people outside the subgroup. It gives them an unfair advantage and helps them get elected to the top positions. Once one of them gets elected to a top position, he will preferably help or hire other people coming from the same secret subgroup. Eventually, the subgroup will hold all top positions. Besides working at their self-promotion, free-masons have developed an ideology of their own, which is often anti-Christian. It may indicate some Jewish infiltration. While free-masons were secretly helping one another to gain an unfair advantage within broader society, some Jewish free-masons may have been secretly helping one another to gain an unfair advantage within free-masonry.

Armor said...

The French historian Augustin Cochin (1876-1916) wrote about how an inner circle working within the political system is able to set the agenda for the whole country. He tried to explain how French philosophical societies had been in control of the French Revolution. TOQ Online has an interesting article by F. Roger Devlin about Cochin: From Salon to Guillotine: Augustin Cochin’s Organizing the Revolution (here).

A few excerpts :

page 75
[F. Roger Devlin:] We have already mentioned that the more glib or assiduous attendees of a philosophical society naturally begin exercising an informal ascendancy over other members: in the course of time, this evolves into a standing but unacknowledged system of oligarchic governance:

[Cochin:] Out of one hundred registered members, fewer than five are active, and these are the masters of the society. [This group] is composed of the most enthusiastic and least scrupulous members. They are the ones who choose the new members, appoint the board of directors, make the motions, guide the voting. Every time the society meets, these people have met in the morning, contacted their friends, established their plan, given their orders, stirred up the unenthusiastic, brought pressure to bear upon the reticent. They have subdued the board, removed the troublemakers, set the agenda and the date. Of course, discussion is free, but the risk in this freedom minimal and the “sovereign’s” opposition little to be feared. The “general will” is free -like a locomotive on its tracks. (pp. 172-73)

page 76
The essential operation of a democratic political machine consists of just two steps, continually repeated: the preliminary decision and the establishment of conformity.

First, the ringleaders at the center decide upon some measure. They prompt the next innermost circles, whose members pass the message along until it reaches the machine’s operatives in the outermost local societies made up of poorly informed people. All this takes place unofficially and in secrecy (p. 179).

Then the local operatives ingenuously “make a motion” in their societies, which is really the ringleaders’ proposal without a word changed. The motion passes-principally through the passivity (Cochin writes “inertia”) of the average member. The local society’s resolution, which is now binding upon all its members, is with great fanfare transmitted back towards the center.

The central society is deluged with identical “resolutions” from dozens of local societies simultaneously. It hastens to endorse and ratify these as “the will of the nation.” The original measure now becomes binding upon everyone, though the majority of members have no idea what has taken place.

page 77
The basic democratic two-step is supplemented with a bevy of techniques for confusing the mass of voters, discouraging them from organizing opposition, and increasing their passivity and pliability: these techniques include constant voting about everything-trivial as well as important; voting late at night, by surprise, or in multiple polling places; extending the suffrage to everyone: foreigners, women, criminals; and voting by acclamation to submerge independent voices (pp. 182-83). If all else fails, troublemakers can be purged from the society by ballot

Chechar said...


I read the quotation you posted here taken from the Cochin book: "From Salon to Guillotine: Augustin Cochin’s Organizing the Revolution", and I'm still mystified why they get vaporized in this blog.

A bug?

Armor said...

maybe a zionist bug...