Friday, February 18, 2011

"How I Saw the Light"

Hunter Wallace, formerly known as “Prozium,” blogs at Occidental Dissent. Before he picked fights with nationalist intellectuals he had written a series of fairly good articles, which I’ll be republishing in this blog. I read the following article, “How I Saw the Light,” at The Occidental Quarterly.

How did I see the light? I’ve written about this before. I don’t remember ever not being racially conscious. I grew up in an area which is roughly 50% negro. It was impossible for me not to notice racial differences. The lies about equality that are constantly being pushed in the media were always contradicted by my proximity to reality.

Racialism came to easy to me because everyone I knew shared my racial views. I never experienced any peer pressure to become an anti-racist while growing up. My grandparents hated Martin Luther King back in the day and still do. Their house was always filled with relics from the Jim Crow South. In my local area, political correctness was a source a ridicule. No one really believed in it. I guess we were like the Eastern Europeans that lived and chafed under Communism, but who never really internalized its values.

It was a small jump from there into nationalism. Back in the late 1990’s, illegal aliens from Mexico and Guatemala began to pour into South Alabama. I grew concerned about immigration and started to follow Pat Buchanan. I read his book Death of the West where I was exposed to the knowledge that Whites would become a racial minority by 2050. Parts of Alabama and Georgia are already like this. The danger lurking in the United States becoming a third world country was simple to grasp.

The Jewish Question wasn’t as clear. Few Jews live in the Deep South. I had no experience with them prior to college. It was there that I was first exposed to theories about Jewish control of the mass media and their involvement in insidious political movements. At first, I wasn’t willing to believe this; it sounded like an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory, but I was objective enough to delve into the original sources and check the facts out for myself. I had never been one to shy away from an argument.

It didn’t take long for me to realize that much of what the “anti-Semites” were saying was indisputably true. Jews really are overrepresented in the news media, the entertainment media, the government, the social sciences, the professions, anti-racist organizations, neocon warmongers, etc. They are vastly overrepresented amongst millionaires and billionaires. Jews alone account for more than 50% of the campaign contributions to the Democratic Party. They are the hub of the progressive left. Their influence upon our culture is massive.

I found that to be significant. In the years that followed, I saw my suspicions reconfirmed on countless occasions. Jews always seemed to be the ones “leading the charge” against racialism. It left with me with the unshakeable conviction that Jewish influence, whether in our culture or upon our government, has been a disaster for White Americans. Logically, we should respond by excluding them wherever possible.

So here I am today. What’s your story?

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