Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Crown of the Evolution revisited

OK Russel:

Today I uploaded a video with scenes of the 2005 film Pride and Prejudice.

It may not be very legal in YouTube and it might be removed for copyright infraction. But if you can see it, it gives the picture of why I see these kind of women as “the crown of the evolution”, as we have been discussing elsewhere.

I am telling you this in a new entry rather than in one of the older threads because, if only we Caucasians were honest about our feelings, the beauty of the English roses “informed by a Romantic sensibility”, as you put it, could be a helpful corrective to the current anti-white Zeitgeist.

The visuals and the music of Pride and Prejudice project me into the world that an author of a white nationalist novel wants us to move in once the ethno-state is created, hopefully in North America. There are still white states in the Northwest Center, for example Wyoming and the Dakotas. (Alas, England, the original land of the English roses has been invaded by orcs.)

This is a must-see film for all of those who hit this blog.

Watch it...



Russel said...

Thanks for posting, Chechar.

It would be interesting to see a video series "Why I am a White Nationalist - White Female Beauty" that includes suitable examples.
Very hard to argue with and very uplifting.

Good pic on your post, too, of the beautiful Rosamund Pike.

Chechar said...

Thanks, Russel. Recently I already uploaded one such video.

Tanstaafl said...

I'm currently reading Arthur Gobineau's The Inequality of Human Races, written in the 1850s. He dedicated it to His Majesty George V, King of Hanover. Today it's one of those notorious, forbidden books the You Know Whos would prefer nobody read. He wrote nothing, at least in this book, that could be called "anti-semitic", even by today's hyper-sensitive standards.

It's a mixed bag, some of it well argued, some weak. One refreshing thing is the matter of fact way Gobineau speaks of the beauty and fairness of the White race. He was an open-minded liberal, a confident White supremacist to a fault. He never foresaw this. I do believe he would be absolutely apoplectic if he were to witness what is happening today.

Chechar said...

The 2008 article BEAUTY, ART, AND RACE by K.A. Strom, originally broadcasted by American Dissident Voices on 2004, is an absolute must reading. Here there are some excerpts:

TODAY I’VE BEEN READING a book entitled Personal Beauty and Racial Betterment. The book is very rare today. It was published in 1920, during that hopeful time when a strong and mostly-healthy America was awakening to the scientific truths about race and the infinite possibilities of racial progress. Knight Dunlap, the author, was a professor of experimental psychology at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, and a substantial portion of his book was delivered by him as a lecture at Randolph-Macon College, just down the road from me in Lynchburg, Virginia. Despite some faults, the book is insightful and inspiring...

Beauty, then, is more than just something that thrills the lover and the poet—though it is assuredly that.

Dunlap tells us that beauty is “something which… is for the race and for civilization of such profound importance that no other fundamental consideration of human welfare and progress can be divorced from it.”

Beauty is a measure of racial fitness for the future. Men and women ache for it in their mates, even if they do not understand the nature or significance of their ache and their passion. The desire for a beautiful mate is an ineradicable, primordial urge. It is an instinctive part of us. It guides us on our recently-interrupted upward journey to higher intelligence, greater strength and power, and increased consciousness and wisdom.

Dunlap says that the preservation of beauty is inseparable from the preservation of all civilized values and progress. Lose one and you lose the other. And further, Dunlap warns, our civilization is fostering an increase of human ugliness and a withering away of human beauty so drastic that only strenuous and radical changes will suffice to reverse it. This was in 1920, mind you—things have gotten far worse since then.

Wandrin said...

You do have a point.

As different people could all have different reasons for joining this battle then probably the more reasons the better. Preserving the Eowyns is as good a reason as any.

Darwinian or not the world would be a very dull place without all the hair and eye colours and those fine features.