Friday, February 18, 2011

“The fullest flourishing of the Western Soul ever seen”

As I said in a previous entry I just posted a few hours ago, sometimes the most interesting ideas appear in the comments section of the blogsites. For example, the following comment at Counter-Currents about the notorious cancellation of the American Renaissance conference this month reminded me the article “Why conservatives still can’t win”:

[Lincoln] Rockwell was already complaining in 1965 that conservatives were hostile to their own vanguard, while the moderate left, by contrast, always makes apologies for the far left. You have solidarity and de facto support for extremism on the left, and paranoid concern about staying “respectable” on the right.

In other words, while for Leftists “There are no enemies to the Left,” for conservatives even a centimeter to one’s Right is considered beyond the pale: the perfect losing formula for those wishing to preserve Western civilization. But even more interesting was the response to the above-quoted commenter by a fan of the Northwest Front vision (no ellipsis added):

Conservatism is a fraud; it is intellectually dishonest, a confidence game to bluff the fools; worse, in practice, it always loses.

Hitler was the last real revolutionary of our Race. He tried to do a hundred years of cultural development in ten, and a thousand years of cultural development in twenty. Above all, the NSDAP Cultural Moment [National Socialism] is a phrase that describes the last metapolitical project of our race, for the time being.

That is why it was so threatening to the status quo.

It worked, and shone so bright a light that the enemies of Mankind fled in horror, regrouped, and went on the attack against the fullest flourishing of the Western Soul ever seen.

See also the entry of this blog about rehabilitating National Socialism and Hitler that, to date, has got more than 40,000 hits (here).

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