Sunday, January 11, 2009

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He mudado esta entrada: acá.

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Chechar said...

Since my view that poor parenting is involved in how the adult child ends up hating the culture of his abusive parents can only be based on anecdotal observation (and even so very few people open your heart to you), I find it rather awkward arguing my point. But these days I reread a few passages of Stefan Zweig’s The World of Yesterday which are germane to these two posts about West hater Teresa. Zweig wrote about what he saw in his native Austria during the very interesting interim period between the two world wars:

“Cheated the mothers who had sacrificed their children, cheated the soldiers who came home as beggars... Small wonder, then, that the entire youthful generation looked with exasperation and contempt at their fathers... the new generation lost every trace of respect. Homosexuality and lesbianism became the fashion, not from inner instinct but way of protest against the traditional and normal expressions of love... The comprehensible element in everything was proscribed, melody in music, resemblance in portraits, intelligibility of language; the dance saw the waltz replaced by Cuban and Negro forms... At last youth’s vengeance against the world of parents raged itself out triumphantly.”