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Eschatology: the cult that I left

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Anonymous said...

Sorry to see that you have totlly misunderstood it all. You are still searching for something that you can hold instead of truth.

The fact that you are trying so desperatly to label a belief as a cult only shows me that you do not understand that all is good. That you are perfect and good.

Hate causes cancer. You are still looking at it as material things.

I hope you find your way, whatever that may be for you.

RevRon said...

I must agree with anonymous!

I've study all forms of religious philosophy over my 60 + years and have found that they all lack; however, Eschatology, The Walter Method has a strong foundation in "as you believe" which of course our Christian Brethren will agree was coined by Jesus.

I feel that when the root cause of all illness, be it cancer or heart failure, is understood, we will learn what Heaven on Earth truly is.

If we can not see beyond the material universe and understand that ALL IS MENTAL(ITY)! You will be all doomed to repeat your mistakes! (Thought I'd throw a little drama into the post).

Truthfully, there is only mind or MIND because unless you understand something and truly "grasp" its importance, it will never be a truth for you. So, I am concerned at the loose use of the word "cult" but acknowledge the ability of the original author to pen it!

I trust all who read and have read this discussion have allowed their individual Mentality to digest what they've read and grow from the experience.

Anonymous said...

It would appear that you have chosen to use your misunderstanding of a "cult" to your advantage. You claim to have written one book, and now will write a second. Most of the thinking people of the world know that they do shape their own destiny, if you think it, it is a possibility. It is the fault of the driver not the car that causes the wreck. A gun never kills, it is the person that pulls the trigger and points the gun with intention that is the cause. It seems that you have missed the point!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad this information was made available. I truly appreciated the help your research provided to me as I am about to start talking to my father about his involvement in this cult. I do not think the term "cult" is used loosely either because this group seems like they would become another Jonestown or any other radical cult if asked to.

Rev Ronald G said...
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Rev Ronald G said...

I would LOVE to understand your use of the word CULT! Eschatology doesn't meet the criteria of a "CULT" as, oh let's say, SCIENTOLOGY! Eschatology doesn't ask you to give up anything nor does it ask for MONEY OR PROPERTY, NOR does it chastise you when you make a mistake or "bad mouth" it. It all is in your own hands/mind to create what you will believe and what you will live. You are the CREATOR of your OWN LIFE, no one is making you live anyway except YOU! Please do share your "definition" of CULT!

Mindful said...

I am an Eschatologist. I have never been told or encouraged not to go to a doctor. Nothing in Eschatology precludes you from going to a doctor or make you feel inferior for having done so, nor does an Eschatologist fear doctors or treatments from doctors, or have any reason to neglect checkups etc. It sounds like the author has little understanding of the real Eschatology.

Calvin said...

Walter taught that the hallmark of any science is that, being based on fact, results can be replicated. He insisted that no one merely believe in what he was saying, but that he make the necessary effort to apply the methods and through results obtained, demonstrate the truth or fiction of the claims of Eschatology.

It seems to me that the author here, never made the necessary effort to prove anything for himself. But rather looked to the teaching as sort of a "magic wand" to assuage his own deep seated problems. Without putting forth the painstaking, time consuming effort at self treatment and gaining results, no one can rightly claim that one understands this teaching. So out of his own ignorance and failure to apply himself, he then lays claim to decipher and explain what Eschatology "truly" is. I think the biblical reference to casting pearls among swine would apply here.

Any Eschatologist worthy of the name has learned that the application of Right Thought to the healing of even minor things, requires several hours of highly focused mental work in order to gain results. This is what separates the “academic theorist” from the actual understander.

Walter himself noted this, saying that 90% of all good desires are shipwrecking on the rock of lifeless, listless, lazy effort.

Having proved through repeated results obtained, that Right Thought rightly applied does heal, one could never make the statements that this author makes.

The main problem is, that healing through mental means alone, especially early on in the study, requires effort well beyond what is expected; on the order of dozens of hours, consistently repeated on a daily basis. Relatively few apply themselves to this degree.

Without this effort with the lesser things of healing, no one can gain a greater understanding of the deeper things of Mind.

rev ronald g said...

Well said to both "mindful" and "Calvin"! I have to agree whole hearted and with all thought, that the comments that were made are very accurate. Calvin has truly understood the teachings of Mr. Walter and the true nature of an Eschatologist! I aspire to become one, more each day!

Anonymous said...

As a RN that has studied Eschatology for years there is good news.
Science itself is proving more everyday the connection between mind and body. As the understanding of this connection increases, it continues to prove the validity of what Walter writes.
Thank you Walter for being way ahead of your time and having the courage to say it.

Anonymous said...

ultimately whether or not willie made the concious transition is only known by him and him alone; however i would submit after 10 years in the study that myself and my fellow eskys know this discipline isnt about parlor tricks. its about demostrating the veracity of the study to ONESELF, and to affirm the study by passing on the UNDERSTANDING we arrive at through APPLICATION to those who seek genuinely to KNOW TRUTH for themselves. as willie states in the ALLNESS OF GOOD, we can explain triginometry to a third grader however his or her ability to UNDERSTAND and APPLY principles that are beyond their comprehension are not the fault of the teacher or the study.


Anonymous said...

I'm a student of eschatology. Only 21. I have been studying for over a year now, my parents having studied before me but been mistaught.
If i have ever felt eschatology to be a burden to me it is only because it is the hard yard. it takes a rational mind to study a science. Be precise. Re read the texts. It's a real shame that you haven't got it. You can never put your feet in both camps. you either believe or you don't. Eski is an explanation about the facts of life which, i feel very privaleged to have access to. Never have i felt pushed to do things i don't want to, what has always driven me is my progressive understanding towards these facts. as the first person commented "hate causes cancer" i disagree with this. What causes cancer is Thinking cancer. simple as that. Thinking "I am a material body, that can contract material dis ease such as cancer."
anyway i hope that you see the goodness around you.

Anonymous said...

Have you read Ouspensky's "In Search of the Miraculous"?

Alex said...

You really think he was asking for proof?? he didn't needed any proof whatsoever.. you have to prove it to your own self.. that is the point! you have to use common sense and mainly you own reasoning! The main problem i see here is that you still think matter is cause.. I wonder how many times your finger has poke your eye simply because you saw it in a bad way... nonsense right? as funny as it sounds.. you have the control.. how? why? don't be lazy and start reasoning, once you do, put it to the test... and you'll realize that that is the main point you missed.. reject the toddler thinking that you need somebody to take you somewhere, to walk for you, to demonstrate something for you... a person with a great understanding knows better that s/he can point you the way, but you and only you can walk it... and that makes sense... what good can you gain if i give you a fish to eat? wouldn't you rather learn how to fish? hope you decide to walk the way and stop asking for somebody to walk you way.. it is impossible... this essay you wrote, it is a good sign that you are still looking for the truth... and every finding, make sure you walk all of them, and put put to the test ALL OF THEM, and wish you all the good in the world..

Pavani said...

I was a student of Eschatology for over 10 years. I became a teacher for a brief period. As someone said in the comments, "either you believe or you don't" and there you have it.

My teacher was a student of Evelyn Durling. I was privy to the "inner circle" of those who got the secret 4th dimension teaching written by Gen.

I also spent hours wearing out my carpet pacing up and down declaring the allness of good. I also wore a hole in my big overchair from pounding my fist emphatically while declaring truth and retraining my mind to think in accord with truth.

I saw the hypocricy of my teacher and the inner circle. I remember one high status teacher who died just before starting a class. I saw the shock of the students who bought into their teacher's claims that life can be maintained through thought alone, and who pretended to have really understood and applied that principle, but then died from an untreated infection that could have been treated.

I saw my teacher and many others at TGC who claimed that cigarettes aren't cause but had obvious bronchial conditions and emphesyma like Evelyn. What a cop out to allow tobacco to own you.

I really believed that I was not a blind follower. But I didn't read any other spiritual material as I was advised not to, and I lived and breathed the teachings for a decade with stringent adherence to the principles.

I didn't use the wrong words we taught not to use. I spoke the language with careful accuracy. I was a dedicated, diligent and sincere student who embraced reason. It came naturally as I am a careful analytic thinker any way.

What I found missing in Eschatology was love. Reason was enthroned to a point in which compassion was neglected in my "circle" of fellow eskys.

Ultimately, I found I could not live up to the belief in the allness of good in the face of all the very real suffering I saw around me. Don't get me wrong, I do believe good is the true and only everlasting quality of consciousness.

But on this relative plane,
while experiencing ourselves within the physical manifestation, no amount of truthful and good thought will completely erase the suffering of human existence. Period.

There was a lot of phony pretentiousness going around in my esky circles. I don't think it was intentional, but like me, I believe every esky who truly embraced the study as I did, just deeply wanted to be accurate and good. Alas, no one can be THAT perfect in thought and feeling.

I am so grateful that I was able to break free from the clutches of that belief system. In the decades since then, I have found that many of the basic principles of Esky has stayed with me and I have recognized them in many teachings and spiritual traditions.

My friends and dear lovers of Truth, please never forget that the one unchanging truth of life on this plane IS change, even as principles remain the same.
Don't get stuck with one belief system or it will be come your religion, GOD FORBID!

Pavani said...

The use of the word Mind to designate the highest level of consciousness is a mistake. The mind is part of the individual "human being." Of course, this mind can help or hinder us to a tremendous degree.

Obviously the human mind is one of our worst enemies. And yes, these thoughts we think interact with our feelings which manifest. Thoughts produce feelings and feelings stimulate more thoughts. It is the vicious circle that we do need to get a handle on.

To then designate the highest form of consciousness as Mind is very confusing. Higher Consciousness is free from thought, even thoughts of truth. Consciousness, when fully real-ized is silent. It is Presence. It is Love, but not in the sense of human drama and emotion.

As devotees of Truth, we use our little minds to transcend beyond that sense of separateness our individual thoughts reinforce, and which make us forget we are One Consciousness, AKA Truth.

That means the ultimate goal is to move beyond mere thinking and in an experiential way recognize that by disidentifying with our thoughts, we transcend the sense of our separateness and come to know We Are One.

LF VERLEY said...

Hi my name is Luis Verley and I'm a former student of Eschatology from Mexico. I read your post fully and I'm near to understand how you feel. Yet we must remember that's the experience you made of it- if you remember something the simple and not the Yoda part of what you supposedly learn.
I'm so sorry if you didn't achieve any Jedi super powers. And I'm sorry if you were even trying to. That’s never the point. And that was never the point of anyone I know. You can create Joy and happiness and a well being experience. What were you looking for, a ticket to Tatooine?!
I'm not into Eschatology anymore but I can say that what you experienced is true. To you. In fact you shouldn’t blame anyone from your own confusions, beliefs and erring. The truth IS what it is. Were they wrong, maybe. I don't care. I'm not to confront them. Are you wrong... I couldn't tell, that's your story. Are you digging up your rabbit hole? That you only know little Alice...
By the way my mail is and the date is September 11, 21:21 Mexico City
Omnia mecum porto

LF VERLEY said...

Pavani, thanks for sharing your experience.
I also think they tend to forget the compassionate side,and try to get all by the means of reason. Being this but to one side. On the other hand I don't get how people tend so naturally to believe and obey. Is that to bie a scientific, to think and act on your own.. I don't know. I didn't like what I saw in the teachers but that was because they were like the students in many aspects. Followers and believers.
By their fruits ye shall know them its said and I didn't like much the fruits of the Eskys i knew. But was the Eschatology the cause or just the confused minds of teachers and students?
I think the latter. If you stick to the principles and keep them real not trying to fly or walk on water, and leaving aside belief in any form, then you find good results, And I think we also agree on that.

Chechar said...

As to the replies above, with the exception of that person worried about her father the eschatologists’ responses are simply unresponsive to the issues.

Luis Verley completely misunderstood my sarcasm about “Yoda” and Jedi powers. I was making fun of Walter's claims. Verley inverted reality and re-directed that criticism at me, as if I were the one making the paranormal claims!

Now I will close this thread. Commenters can still opine at the newest incarnation of this blog (link in the hatnote).