Saturday, February 19, 2011

“What would you say if someone asks...

...with some concern over a cup of coffee, “Hey, Tom. What made you go all Nazi? You have a PhD in political science, come from a respectable family, your father was a lawyer—and you... you turned out racist. What happened?”

Tom Sunić responds:

The usage of this type of negative epithet is pretty current in Western media and to some extent in the Western judiciary. The advantage of living in post-communist countries is that words such as “Nazis,” “fascists,” “racists,” no longer have such a bad resonance, despite the fact the new political class all over Eastern Europe is trying again legally to resurrect them with its original criminogenic meaning. Of course, this all happens under pressure from the West, where these qualifiers are in constant usage today. Where communism left off, modern liberalism continued.

I need to remind you that the usage of these value-loaded qualifiers was standard practice in the communist vernacular and the media against any dissident, aired on all wavelengths 24 hours a day. Towards the end of the communist rule there was an enormous amount of psycholinguistic saturation amidst the populace, so that everybody got sick of that language—even the communist scribes who had made these words “fashionable” in the first place.

Distorted political verbiage was the main cause of the collapse of communism. Hence, the paradox is that these words—used today as shut-up words in the West—no longer have such an oppressive weight in Eastern Europe. In fact, they often serve as a badge of honor for some people!


Excerpted from a longer interview of Tom Sunić from Counter-Currents Publishing.

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Armor said...

words such as “Nazis,” “fascists,” “racists,”

I looked up the word 'racist' in a few dictionaries. Semitically correct dictionaries lack any mention that it is a pejorative word. But we know it is pejorative, since it is only used to express disapproval of some people.

I found a more or less honest definition in the Longman dictionary :

racist = "someone who believes that people of their own race are better than others, and who treats people from other races unfairly and sometimes violently - used to show disapproval."

The racist man is a mythical evil creature who wants to inflict harm on non-whites BECAUSE he believes in white superiority. I think this Jewish myth of the racist European is closely linked to the Jewish myth of the Nazi-German who decides on a whim to kill 6 million Jews. Unfortunately, it doesn't make sense: you don't go about harming other people because you feel superior. On the other hand, it may be that our hostile elites want to replace us with Blacks and Arabs because they see us as a superior race.