Thursday, February 10, 2011

Two metaphors

Hunter Wallace (not his real name) has been harping on for months against the vanguards. But what is exactly the difference between the two competing currents in American white nationalism? In Occidental Dissent Wallace recently wrote:

“Mainstreamers” believe the White majority is sympathetic to our beliefs and that we should work through the system to connect with a mass audience and confront our enemies in a lawful manner.

“Vanguardists” believe that the White majority are “lemmings” who dance to whatever tune is played by an elite cabal of string pullers in the mass media. They believe in rejecting the system and forming a “hardcore nucleus” of true believers who will rise to power in the aftermath of the collapse.

I don’t see the white majority exactly as lemmings. I myself was a liberal as early as 2008 and did not metamorphose from lemming to vanguardist miraculously. It was the right sort of information what changed my mind.

Just one example. Before I became familiar with nationalist literature, the media and the academia had brainwashed me by omitting the fact that, in the century when I was born, the Jew Yagoda murdered more innocent civilians than Himmler himself. It goes without saying that, if the man I was before 2009 had gotten the historical facts straight, I would have never embraced liberalism in the first place. My educated guess is that the same could be said about the masses, as Hitler himself had pointed out about the treasonous press before his troops invaded Yagoda’s lands.

I must confess that, before my 2009/2010 transformation, I had written against Hitler and the Nazis in Spanish. Had a fortune-teller told the person I was that he would be posting entries of Mein Kampf my old self would surely have responded that the teller must be nuts. But if I woke up from the matrix of political correctness other Caucasians can do the same (I am no Übermensch). That’s why I don’t see every non-awakened white necessarily as a lemming. Like my previous self, they have been thoroughly brainwashed as well.

I would respond to the commenters at Occidental Dissent by means of a metaphor. The apparent failure of the American nationalist movement is not the fault of the “vanguardists,” as Wallace claims. It’s basically due to the primordial stage of the movement (well: strictly speaking, it’s not a movement yet). Like a tiny gaseous sphere already leaving the cradle of the nebulae, white nationalism is accumulating more and more mass that is forming a center of higher density to form a protostar. When enough pressure in the interior rises—when a considerable mass of whites wake up and work together—, it will increase the density and temperature until the gas turns to plasma. Only then a nuclear fusion will be initiated at the core—whether a vanguardist revolution or a legal pro-white election—and the new star of white nationalism will be born in the Occidental heavens.

Bok globules look like a placental stage previous to actual existence of the baby star. What prevents nationalists from attracting, by the sheer force of their gravity, increasingly more spiraling mass (see linked image), without which no revolution or pro-white election is possible?

Many years ago my (now late) uncle Julius gave me a gift: a translation of The Medusa and the Snail: More Notes of a Biology Watcher. The author, Lewis Thomas, shows how a particular medusa and snail in the Sea of Naples interact with each other in a pretty disturbing way. The medusa is affixed to the mouth of the snail and apparently gets a free lunch. But there is no free lunch. When the slug produces larvae, they become entrapped in the tentacles of the medusa. At first it looks like the medusa is a parasite. But no. The slug larvae eats away the medusa’s tentacles and with time the medusa shrinks and shrinks in size. The slug grows until a new equilibrium is reached, attached with what remains of the medusa: a motionless, though alive, degenerate entity.

This extremely bizarre cycle reminds me the words of the Brussels Journal’s founder in an interview about what he believes is the etiology of the Europeans’ nihilism before the Islamization and Africanization of Europe. Paul Beliën places the blame on the welfare state, which motto for the white population seems to be: “Vote for us and you’ll get free lunches.”

Are the westerners lemmings? Perhaps they’re better depicted as medusas of the Sea of Naples, both Europeans and Americans alike. They have tragically lost their awesome majesty in the sea by selling their souls and bodies to a system that provides them with an unending flow of panem et circenses like no civilization had done before. And as long as the flow of goods continues unabated, the westerners won’t wake up and save what remains of their extremities that once made them so beautifully free in the marine world.

No wonder why, in his novel, William Pierce had its revolutionary vanguardists sabotaging the flow of goods in the United States as a desperate measure to tear the degenerate men and women out of the snail’s devouring mouth.

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Chechar said...

In the Occidental Dissent article that moved me to write this entry, Greg Johnson has posted a comment in much stronger terms of what I did above.