Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Butler Plan

The late Reverend
Richard Girnt Butler

Excerpted from a longer article from the Northwest Front. The interpolation of the video was my own arbitrary inclusion to this piece authored by Harold Covington. No ellipsis added between unquoted paragraphs:


The White racial nationalist movement has completely wasted the past fifty years. It therefore is now no longer possible for the Aryan race to recapture the North American continent in its entirety. The only remaining option to secure the existence of our people and a future for White children is for the remnant of the racially conscious population of North America to relocate to the Pacific Northwest and establish our own sovereign nation.

What is at stake here is our survival as a race. There is no longer any alternative to the Northwest Migration plan. If this is not done, then the Aryan race will perish from the North American continent and most likely from the rest of the earth as well, since there will be no safe and racially homogenous haven in that our people may rest, regroup, and replenish our numbers.

It is necessary to reduce the racial survival problem to manageable proportions, shrink it to dimensions wherein we can concentrate what few remaining resources we have into a smaller area.

Once in the Pacific Northwest, the incoming White refugees must engage in a vigorous and dynamic program of political action, propaganda and educational activity. Eventually there must be direct action to remove as much of the territory of the Northwest as possible from the jurisdiction and control of the United States and subsequently create an independent Aryan republic. This Republic will be restricted to persons of unmixed European, non-Semitic, Caucasian racial ancestry, and no non-White will be allowed to reside there under any circumstances.

If this is not done, then the White race will become extinct in North America by the year 2100. The consequences of such an extinction for human civilization and for the planet upon that we live would be horrific beyond the power of the imagination to encompass. Racial survival for Aryan man must override all considerations of personal welfare, personal agenda, physical safety, legality or individual interest. We have a job to do, assigned to us by history, and we must devote the remainder of our lives to it.

The Homeland. The proposed White Homeland consists of a core territory of Idaho, Oregon, Washington, and the western part of Montana with Interstate 15 being the approximate eastern border. Like a newlywed couple with big plans for the future, we need to build our house large and with many rooms, that we may fill it with children.

Homeland Totals. Nine million White people is a lot of people, but with hard propaganda work by an active and fanatically dedicated minority, enough of them can be convinced to join us to provide local bases for incoming settlement. Contrast that to trying to work around a population of almost 300 million people, in many places the majority non-White, on a continent this size wherein we are totally and utterly powerless and scattered to the four winds.

This is the primary advantage to the Northwest concept, as opposed to the collective illusion we have harbored for half a century, that through some unfathomable means no one ever seems able to explain, we will somehow win back the whole North American continent all at once and cause millions of non-Whites simply to vanish in a puff of smoke without any effort and certainly without the mass bloodshed such a project would in fact involve. The present status quo means racial death, and things have reached the point where any effort to preserve the present status quo is tantamount to racial treason.

The Four Phase Plan

The Butler Plan consists of four broad aspects or phases involving the creation, the buildup, and the operation of the Northwest Front.

Phase One: Relocation of the better elements of the existing racially conscious White community to the Homeland

It should be emphasized that at the present time, the Party is unable to provide accommodation for Incomers, and this situation is unlikely to change at any time in the foreseeable future. People who Come Home to the Northwest must do so like the old Western pioneers, completely off their own bat and on their own dime.

The Scouting Trip. It is vitally necessary that prospective White migrants to the Northwest make at least one preliminary visit or scouting trip to the Homeland before they make the permanent move.

This project must be implemented by and for responsible adults who know what they are doing. We are not seeking to run away into the north woods and hide in a log cabin. We are seeking to build a new nation. The realities of 21st century life dictate that our movement be based where the White people are. In the Northwest that means about two dozen metropolitan areas. Eventually the Northwest racial community can establish facilities in the countryside.

Phase Two: The formation of the Northwest Front as a fighting revolutionary Party

The native-born Northwesterners genuinely do not understand what multiculturalism and diversity means. We must not engage in bizarre and dysfunctional behaviors, or display any outward physical appearance that will allow the established order to portray us to the native born as “the Other.” The shaven heads and the tattoos and the petty hooliganism of the Skinhead scene must henceforth be kept away from the Northwest. The local people where we settle must understand that we are fellow Americans and people like themselves, not the Other whom it is socially acceptable to stone. At the same time they must understand that we are here, we are here to stay, that more of us are coming, and that we will not be stopped.

Phase Three: The insertion of the Party into actual politics, and the creation of a bona fide political movement for Northwest independence

A revolution cannot succeed in the absence of the Revolutionary Tripod, the three conditions without that true change cannot take place. Let us review these three essential conditions for change again:

1. There must be a bona fide revolutionary movement, devoted to seizing state power directly from the hands of the existing power structure. Not conservative, not reformist, not willing to work within the existing system, but dedicated to its destruction. This is the Northwest Front.

2. There must be withdrawal of the consent of the governed, wherein a majority of the people in a country or territory no longer wishes to be ruled by the existing power structure and desire change. Not just any change, but specifically that power is assumed by the revolutionary movement, in this case the NF.

3. There must be loss of the credible monopoly of armed force by the state. Acts of insurrection and guerrilla warfare must take place, actual and serious physical damage must be inflicted on the enemy, and no one must be caught or punished for these acts. This condition is necessary to force the power structure into repression and acts of atrocity and retaliation against the general population in their frustration at being unable to locate and apprehend the real guerrillas.

* * *

Our long-term goal is to present the government of the United States with a situation whereby the struggle to retain the Northwest becomes politically and financially insupportable, and letting the Homeland go is the lesser of two evils from their point of view. This is the way in that all colonial wars are won, and in order to win we must reduce our racial struggle to the status of a colonial war wherein writing off X amount of territory is an option for the occupying power, should it become expedient.

It is impossible for us to imagine such a situation at this time, given the apparently ironclad, permanent grip that the federal government exerts on all aspects of our lives. But we are not talking about doing anything within the context of today. We are talking about the future, when a Soviet-style break-up of the United States into separate racial, ethnic, and interest groups is historically bound to occur. Nothing lasts forever, and the current order will not last forever either.

We must prepare for the time to come, when all of this is more than just paper fantasy, when the political and economic realities make our victory a possibility if we are ready to seize it. It will take many years and require a big assist from economic and political developments within the New World Order to create this tripod in the Pacific Northwest. But it will happen eventually. We need to have the Northwest Front slim and trim and ready to break out at a moment’s notice if needed.

Phase Four: The seizure of state power through the creation of the Northwest American Republic in the power vacuum created by the collapse of the United States

There can be little doubt that the United States will eventually undergo a Soviet-style breakdown of centralized power, and lose the ability to enforce its will throughout the continent. This will transmute into direct action to free our Homeland from the iron heel of the federal government.

We must utilize our human resources to the max. One of the things our forebears had to understand in order to survive was economic self-sufficiency. We must bring to the Northwest serious, adult men and women who are coming to build a new nation, not drink beer and scream “White Power!” and show off their tattoos. Young people especially who are contemplating the Homeland must be encouraged to stay in school and learn an economically viable trade, so that when they immigrate to the Northwest they don’t just say, “Hi, I am a White racist.” They must be able walk into a community and say, “Hello, my name is Joe, and I am a computer software designer, or a skilled auto mechanic, or a master electrician, or a nurse, or I can fix your copy machine, or I can fly your helicopter, or I can bake bread…”

The Name: The name of the state we propose to create shall be Northwest American Republic (NAR)

In politics, perception is everything. It is bad propaganda to confront people, on their initial contact, with ideas, concepts, terms and symbols that require an immediate, long and abstruse explanation. Esoteric terms like Cascadia, Arya, etc. should be avoided as well. They sound odd, and we are going to have trouble enough overcoming our image problem as things stand.

The Flag

Mr. Covington has made an arbitrary decision on the way things will be done in the matter of the NAR flag, based upon his experience in Ireland. It is a simple, dignified tricolor design with no controversial symbols, or anything requiring more than the simplest symbolic explanation.

The flag of the new nation will be our rallying point. It must be displayed, distributed, and publicized the world over until it becomes known as the modern day equivalent of the Confederate Battle Flag and the Hakenkreuzfahne as a generally recognized symbol of Aryan hope and courage in the face of racial death.


Rollory said...

The problem is that this presumes a nation where none exists.

"Whites" are not a nation, and never have been. I am going to run with one particular example here, but I think it makes the point clear. As someone of French ancestry and partially French upbringing, I have more in common with Quebecois than with West Virginia rednecks, even though I have lived in redneck communities for quite some and can easily fit in there.

But I don't want to. They don't think like me. They aren't my people.

Quebecois have very little in common with Idaho or Dixie whites, and would not consider mixing with them. Quebec has its own society, its own culture, its own way of doing things. It preserves its own identity much much better than any other society on the continent - it is essentially allowed its own immigration policy, independent of the broader Canadian policy, and as such the immigrants are almost entirely people of Francophone culture. Of course this is not French culture - there are too many West Africans included - but even so it is not the tidal wave that France itself is facing, and it is far less than the diversicrats would prefer. Quebec preserves its identity in the face of several centuries of English rule and pressure; it is better adapted than any other society to preserve itself against other forces too.

If Covington actually wants a "white" society that preserves itself, Quebec is the obvious starting point. But he doesn't. He doesn't even consider it. Why not? Because Covington is not French. He is of English descent. So when he speaks of "White", that is what he means: English. This is not a problem; he prefers his own ethnicity. The problem is that he is dishonest about what he is doing. "White" and "English" (or even "American", in the 1950s sense) are not the same thing.

He has a lie built in to his system right at the start. What about Germans? What about Russians? What about Scandinavians? - Minnesota and the Dakotas have quite a lot of them, it's one of the more distinct regional cultures. Are they all members of the same nation, or as of Mississippi hillbillies?

They're not. One can not make a nation out of this, any more than - in retrospect - a single nation was made out of the 13 colonies. Between Dixie and New England, there were at least two white nations in there, and the differences were resolved by war.

In the USA, there _is_ a broader group of whites who can be called Americans the middle class and lower middle class, of the sort one finds in California suburbs or small towns in Indiana or upstate New York, whose distinct ethnicities aren't really clear anymore, who have been mixing together for long enough since their ancestors arrived that they form a blend that is pretty consistent across different places. One could plausibly argue that this is the nation for which the hypothetical ethnostate should be created. However, in that case, one still can not call it the "white" nation - for the people creating it are not Quebecois, or Southerners, or North Dakotan Swedes - these other peoples would have to fit themselves into it. Should they? Would they want to? Is it so impossible for different peoples to have their own countries, populated by their own peoples?

There is no nation that is defined simply and entirely by the fact of being white.

Mr. Covington does not understand this because he himself is so deracinated he has no concept of what a nation actually entails. It is pitiable, but pity is not a reason to follow him into folly.

Chechar said...

@ Because Covington is not French. He is of English descent... He has a lie built in to his system right at the start. What about Germans? What about Russians? What about Scandinavians?

IIRC he is of Irish descent. In the Quartet many German and Russian immigrants help to create the new nation. In fact, in his novels the hymn of the Northwest Republic is chanted in German: a song by Luther in spite of the fact that Covington is not a Christian: a kind of compromise.

@ Mr. Covington does not understand this because he himself is so deracinated he has no concept of what a nation actually entails. It is pitiable, but pity is not a reason to follow him into folly.

I am extremely deracinated too. I was born in Latin America but want to tear up all of my roots. Why? Because when I was a child my lovely middleclass neighborhoods near downtown Mexico City were flooded and thoroughly destroyed by the more Indianized underclass. All of my nostalgic referents have been destroyed and practically I’ve become a nationless, wanderer soul (the same is happening throughout the West although in a much smaller scale).

I’ve lived five years in the States. While I am not Nordic I feel far more attached to white Americans than to what has become of my native town. This is a little hard to understand but perhaps the novel Mister can give you a picture of a similar situation in a futuristic, bladerunnerized Spain.

I don’t think it is folly for whites of any sort of origin, whether Germanic or Mediterranean, to start thinking in nation building. Is there another plan for white survival? If Europeans had the guts they could do it in Europe. I believe in the Northwest idea because Europeans are still more “snatched” into liberalism than Americans. And for a revolution to take place guns must be legal (are the Quebecois gun lovers by the way?).

@ Quebec has its own society, its own culture, its own way of doing things. It preserves its own identity much much better than any other society on the continent.

That’s good, though it reminds me that a close acquaintance of brown skin married a blond Quebecois and lives there with his mongrelized children. To me this and similar cases can only mean that although the Quebecois are nationalists we still need an exclusively white nation somewhere in the world.

I don’t see how whites can survive if they fail to adopt ethno-survival mores and regulations similar to what the Jews do (this is what Hitler and the NS men intended but that’s another story).

Rollory said...

Irish - ok, British Isles, British empire, english speaking. They really are their own little group; for all their differences and hatreds, they have things in common no continental nation has with them.

"In the Quartet many German and Russian immigrants help to create the new nation."

Ok. That's fiction. What _real_ evidence is there that this would actually happen?

He can write about people making those compromises, but what evidence is there that they actually would? I ask because, knowing myself, I am absolutely certain that I would never sign on to an ethnostate idea that at the very least included a parallel French-speaking and ethnically French structure - probably a separate state. Because that's what nations are about. Because I love France. I love the French language, I love speaking it, I love reading it, I want my children to speak it, I love the customs and habits that I learned as a child visiting relatives in France, I love the architecture, the particular way in which the houses are built (which really is something I have never seen anywhere in the USA), the jokes and attitudes, the things considered normal for life - even the things I don't like, I don't like them in an affectionate, "I can tolerate that" sort of way - I am loyal to France, and to Frenchmen who are also loyal to it. I am not loyal to "white". That is just the way the emotion works. I would expect other peoples to feel similarly toward their own folkways.

I wouldn't make his compromise. Some Russians might; others wouldn't - and I am not at all sure they should; Russians are the only white nation in the world right now that simply shoots Somali pirates when they catch them, rather than going into all the legal rigmarole. That's got to be related to their society, and it's not a bad thing. Do we WANT them all living like us? Do we know what the good aspects of their society are and do we trust ourselves to copy all the good parts correctly? This is the problem with a single model: a single point of failure.

"If Europeans had the guts they could do it in Europe."

I think there is a very decent chance this will become "when", not "if". The public reaction to Sarrazin in Germany, and the popularity of the Francois Desouche site for French - ethnic identity, and preserving it, is becoming a commonly discussed topic. It isn't forbidden, in spite of the political class's attempts. The politicians saying multiculti has failed - that won't go anywhere other than words for a while, but even the words are a step forward. Ten more years of of this stuff being commonly accepted knowledge, plus a worsening economic situation (which I think is very likely) - I expect civil war in Europe, but I expect it to be winnable, except possibly in London.


Rollory said...

The thing is, the USA is already down in the 50-60% white range, and already minority white among infants. Even granting the birthrate differential, no European nation is anywhere close to a similar condition; it's just the dense urban areas that are getting overrun. So the problem is geographically isolated, and cities have historically always been subject to negative population growth on their own. How long does it take the average racialist to go from liberal horror to calm acceptance of hard truths? Run that same phase change on a society-wide basis. Of course people have been saying "they'll wake up!" for ages, but the fact is that the public discussion of these matters is using terminology that is really unprecedented, and the crisis pressures have been increasing - the thousands of Tunisians landing in Italy for example - there are just not going to be very many Italians or French who will say "oh sure, just let them all in!" or even "they need to get in line and do the paperwork, but we welcome everyone!"

The impending collapse of the finances of the USA may push things forward too. The Egyptian pound is pegged to the dollar.

As for what to do, I admit I am not a disinterested observer - as I said, due to my French ties, I will be perfectly willing to toss the USA by the board and head back to the Creuse farmlands where my ancestors came from, or set up on the banks of the St. Lawrence. So I feel like I have a place to retreat to - not a safe place, a place that will require a lot of effort and risk to make it back into what it once was, but a place where I can be at home, and be among people who will have a bit of the same "we're us, everybody else is them" feeling. However, 1) I really would prefer not to have to do this, 2) I didn't start really considering this until _after_ it really sank in that the USA is not my country anymore, it is not being run for me, I have no particular right to anything in it anymore, and given demographic realities there is probably no way of salvaging it. That was extremely painful. I have no good advice for people without such a backup plan - but I am very sure that creating yet another proposition nation will not be particularly successful.


Rollory said...

(sorry for length, started typing, had a lot to say)

"Europeans are still more “snatched” into liberalism than Americans"

I see this claim a lot, and I think the matter is a lot more complicated than that. They are liberal when it comes to arguing that the government should keep paying for their vacations and early retirements. They are very ethnically conscious when it comes to pretending that Africans are just Europeans with a suntan.

"(are the Quebecois gun lovers by the way?)"

Not at all, from what I understand. It is a problem, but I think it is the sort of problem that solves itself when confronted with the press of events - Argentines weren't gun lovers either, but FerFal has had a few things to say about how common they are now and how registration is not something people worry too much about anymore. As for mongrelization, I'm not claiming Quebec is immune to it - just that there is a habit of thought, and a structure of law, that can be adapted to explicitly ethnic preservation although it currently is focused on merely cultural preservation, which is still several steps ahead of where most other white societies are.

"I don’t see how whites can survive if they fail to adopt ethno-survival mores and regulations similar to what the Jews do"

I agree with that.

Rollory said...

gah, from the first part of that 3-parter

"at the very least included a"

at the very least DIDN'T include. (makes no sense otherwise)

Chechar said...

My last name is French, not Spanish.

But... since I don’t see a Charles Martel in France (where my brother lived for eight years and just returned) I identify more with the most aggressive Western culture in today’s dhimminized West. I wish that the German spirit revived but that is only a dream.

What you say involves so many parallel issues that I better start another entry about how divisive sectarian issues between Frenchmen and Anglo-Saxons are obliterated once the whole subspecies of white people are threatened with actual extinction, including the genocidal levels of swarms of non-whites.

These are my chosen excerpts of an O’Meara article. The full article makes me see that, under the emergency circumstances, Anglo and French nationalisms would be put aside until the problem is solved (i.e., until an ethno-state is formed).


I'll share this will all my thousands of contacts at all the social networks, whom in turn will share it. We have to mobilize. And the "jews" who run America know it - that's why they're passing laws making it as easy as possible to arrest and silence us. DEAN BERRY MINISTRIES


Rollory, the "jews" are attacking all societies founded by the White Anglo Saxon Protestant Man. We are their mortal enemy, the creators of all the world's most sophisticated, civilized, and godly societies. They are the synagogue of satan that Jesus/G-d says they are. They prove it everyday. They founded atheism. Communism. Every ism that denies God.