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US to become a nation of hijos de la Chingada?

Today I learnt that my aggregations within a thread at Mangan’s have been translated for a blog in German. Both the original English article and the German translation feature bizarre May 2010 pics of the first ladies of the U.S. and Mexico, where Michelle Obama looks far more “macho” than President Calderón’s wife. I won’t reproduce the pics in this entry (see here) but would like to have a permanent record of what I wrote there eight months ago:

One of the 3700 Sunday strips of
Harold Foster’s Prince Valiant

How low has America fallen!

Today I happened to finish the reading of the 6th volume of the original Prince Valiant that originally was published in the newspapers fifty years ago. All of the women in this comic strip, not only the knights’ wives but also the spouses of the common men, are ethereal blonds or beautiful redheads.

If the first ladies’ look were a good marker to gauge a culture’s health, I would say that the U.S. is clearly in suicidal mood... I don’t want to offend black women. But in order to feel attraction, the female must be feminine or I’d feel she’s a sort of male. Anyway, the 2008 article Beauty, Art, and Race, originally broadcasted by American Dissident Voices in 2004, is an absolute must reading. Here there are some excerpts:

Today I’ve been reading a book entitled Personal Beauty and Racial Betterment. The book is very rare today. It was published in 1920, during that hopeful time when a strong and mostly-healthy America was awakening to the scientific truths about race and the infinite possibilities of racial progress. Knight Dunlap, the author, was a professor of experimental psychology at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, and a substantial portion of his book was delivered by him as a lecture at Randolph-Macon College, just down the road from me in Lynchburg, Virginia. Despite some faults, the book is insightful and inspiring...

Beauty, then, is more than just something that thrills the lover and the poet—though it is assuredly that. Dunlap tells us that beauty is “something which… is for the race and for civilization of such profound importance that no other fundamental consideration of human welfare and progress can be divorced from it.” Beauty is a measure of racial fitness for the future. Men and women ache for it in their mates, even if they do not understand the nature or significance of their ache and their passion. The desire for a beautiful mate is an ineradicable, primordial urge. It is an instinctive part of us. It guides us on our recently-interrupted upward journey to higher intelligence, greater strength and power, and increased consciousness and wisdom.

Dunlap says that the preservation of beauty is inseparable from the preservation of all civilized values and progress. Lose one and you lose the other. And further, Dunlap warns, our civilization is fostering an increase of human ugliness and a withering away of human beauty so drastic that only strenuous and radical changes will suffice to reverse it. This was in 1920, mind you—things have gotten far worse since then...

WASPs ought to take heed of the history down the south of Río Grande. Half a millennium of misceginating experience should be enough reason for Americans not to repeat our mistakes.

Mexico in particular is fascinating. Years ago a Newsweek article asked humorously, “Is Mexico blond?” because the Mexican TV commercials show blond Mexicans even though they are a tiny minority here.

It is not uncommon that the very brown Mexicans celebrate that (due to Mendel laws) one of their newborns surprisingly came up much whiter than most members of the family.

The most surreal case I have witness was a show of an extreme leftist in Chapultepec’s Casa del Lago in Mexico City, a place for stand-up comedians. I was fascinated to see books on sell authored by Stalin, Trotsky, Lenin and other commie luminaries in a place with very poor mestizo-Indians listening the comedian. Naturally, he was excoriating all of the Mexican bourgeois culture. But he said there was an exception: women! That he absolutely preferred the white woman over the common women of his folk.

As an Iberian white, I was amazed to watch the show since the Indian audience never stopped to laugh at the stand-up comedian’s jokes. They didn’t take any offence at what he said of the superiority of white female beauty even though there were many mestizo-Indian women present, I mean: it was a very dark-brown public.

And this was a public show coming from a radical Lefty! We can imagine what would the reaction be if a stand-up Negro said the same against black women in the U.S., for instance about the first lady macho looks...

The anecdote makes my point beautifully: with five-hundred years of misceginating experience, many “Latin” Americans, even the fanatic leftists, can tell the truly astronomical difference between the Aryan female and the more Neanderthalesque native. In Mexico, you won’t find much PC BS that prevents the brown proles to tell the obvious truth they have seen for 500 years with their own eyes.

[Responding to another commenter:] Many English-speakers misspell the name of Hernán Cortés by writing Cortez with a “z”. But yes: mestizos are “hijos de la chingada”: an insult in Mexico. The moral of the sad Mex story for an American audience ought to be: Don’t misceginate unless you want to turn your country into A Nation of Hijos de la Chingada.

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