Sunday, April 04, 2010

The Return of Quetzalcoatl - Chapter 13

All chapters of this book have been moved: here.

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Chechar said...

I’ve just received an email from someone who is reading—and enjoying—my Quetzalcoatl book. He sent me the link of a shocking article about the rise of human sacrifices in Uganda, of which I’ll quote a paragraph. The article’s title is “Ritual Sacrifice of Children on Rise in Uganda”, by Jason Straziuso (AP):

"There is a lack of political will to protect the children. We have beautiful laws but a lack of political will," said Haruna Mawa, the spokesman for the child protection agency ANPPCAN. "As long as we keep our laws in limbo we are creating a fertile breeding ground for human and child sacrifice to escalate. No convictions. What message are you giving to the police?" Mawa's agency has helped with several recent cases of child sacrifice. A 2-year-old boy had his penis cut off by a witch doctor in eastern Uganda and now urinates through a tube, Mawa said.