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The Return of Quetzalcoatl: Chapter 9

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Chechar said...

@ “No society, not even the Islamic, has been so severe with adultery and alcoholism...”

@ “This is identical to the most dissociated families in the Islamist world, as can be gathered from the long article by deMause ‘If I Blow Myself Up and Become a Martyr, I’ll Finally be Loved’. But unlike Alvarado and the conquerors’ metaphorical Easter (and even contemporary Islamists) the Mexicas literally killed their beloved one before decapitating him and showing off his head in the tzompantli.”

It’s too bad that I was prevented from publishing at Gates of Vienna (GoV) because the above illustrates the truth about Islam, as depicted in a graph of a previous chapter: there have been even more primitive cultures than the Islamic, as explained by psychohistory. As George Santayana put it, “History is always written wrong, and so always needs to be rewritten.”

Now GoV-ers will never get the whole point I was trying to make there.

Chechar said...

Alice Miller mentions a documental about a therapy in an Arizona prison based upon the ideas in her books:

“The inmates worked in groups, talked a lot about their childhood, and some of them said, ‘I’ve been all over the place, and killed innocent people to avoid the feelings I have today. But I know that I can bear these feelings in the group, where I feel safe. I no longer need to run around and kill, I’m at home here, and I recognize what happened. The past recedes, and my anger along with it’.

No Mesoamerican serial killer had this therapeutic opportunity.

In contrast to this comparatively lucky convicted offender, let’s put ourselves, in our imagination, in the sandals of a young Mexica; or rather, on his bare feet since the common macehualli was not allowed to use sandals. Keep in mind that Nahua, which I’ve heard directly from my family’s Indian maids, is a very sweet language. How would we feel in a world that rationalized, through the most euphonically-sweet words, the sacrifice of the girl we fancy; whose body is now shown beheaded and her skin used as a trophy? Bicameral, to be sure. And since we wouldn’t be allowed to manifest the slightest rejection, it’s easy to imagine how such an outrage should have permeated the bicameral psyche of our imagined young Mesoamerican, and lie in the unconscious until finding a substitutive form of payback.

The feelings of children, whether Mesoamerican, Muslim or modern Westerner, is taboo. Even academic psychologists, counter-jihadists and white nationalists ignore it. Neurologically, objective history and so-called “scientific” psychology is a left-hemisphere business. Cf. what I say about Oliver Sacks here: a hint of why I devoted my previous books to the subjective world.

It was Voltaire who said that history “should be written as philosophy”. He didn’t want history as a dry list of wars, but to find out how internal family life was. Voltaire’s goal was a “history of the human spirit”. He said he didn’t care about the stories of the great lords. Instead, he wanted to know “the stages through which men passed from barbarity to civilization”.

That is psychohistory. Nonetheless, in the next long section after these Aztec chapters I will have to purge psychohistory from the extreme liberal bias in Loyd deMause’s circle.

Oh boy: that’s why I don’t get any traffic here. I have no allies even among psychohistorians…

Russel said...

Oh boy: that’s why I don’t get any traffic here. I have no allies even among psychohistorians…

It's always useful if you summarize the main idea of what you see as the problem and say what you think the solution is.

What do you recommend? Paying more attention to the feelings of children?

I would argue that in today's West children have a great deal of attention paid to their feelings. That certainly doesn't create a society where they protect their genetic and cultural inheritance.

Chechar said...

I wrote that phrase in a context that perhaps I was talking only to myself. :)

In 2006, years before my GoV experience I was immersed with Alice Miller fans in forums that had nothing to do with the subject of Islam, race, etc. (She is the one who says that the feelings of abused children have yet to be taken into consideration, the subject of my 3rd book.) Then I started to correspond with Lloyd deMause and read his most important works. My discovery of his psychohistory resulted in my 2007 writing of the Quetzalcoatl book, the year before I discovered the Islamization of the West.

I did summarize the main idea, using the metaphor of Forbidden Planet, in what would have been the GoV Postscript. Now, when I finish the translation of Quetzal, I will have to write still another P.S. for this blog.

A few days ago I watched the very long Robert Spencer speech at the Reagan Ranch. He could not reply to the question of a college kid: Where does Western (anti-American) self-hatred comes from?

The whole point of my Quetzal book, which can only be properly understood in the context of the previous three books (Quetzalcoatl is only the fourth “chapter” of my magnus opus), is that there are factors that explain self-hatred that nobody has accounted for in either the counter-jihad or WN movements.

Russel said...

So what do you propose as a solution?

More attachment to parents somehow?

Therapy so people are properly angry instead of repressing their anger?

Or just keep on ticking with another run at the ol' genocide of one's own race? Crazy, yes.

But what exactly do your thoughts lead you to as a conclusion, a solution?

Chechar said...

@ “More attachment to parents somehow?”

Nobody can do anything to avoid attachment. It’s biology, as Colin Ross stated in my first Quetzalcoatl chapter.

@ “Therapy so people are properly angry instead of repressing their anger?”

99.9% of therapies are quackery. Psychiatry and psychoanalysis are the subject-matter of my 2nd book.

@ “But what exactly do your thoughts lead you to as a conclusion, a solution?”

There’s a solution. But it’s impossible to implement it unless the Crash hits so hard the West that the real opposition, and I mean the WNs, become in charge of the U.S.

Russel said...

Well? What do you see it as?

Russel said...

Actually there is a strange sequence here in what you are describing. You are saying that there is this prospective solution and it depends on a severe crash.

However I thought the point of what you are doing is to say if certain conditions in upbringing were different then White racial awareness would have stayed high and the current self-destruction would not be.

You can't need both a crash plus a miraculous WN successful takeover to correct the problem of White self-destruction when correcting the problem of White self-destruction is what is needed first to make it so Whites have enough racial awareness to protect themselves and form a strong WN community.

Do you see what I mean?

Just say what you think can be done and then we can see whether it makes sense. It doesn't serve you or White women unless the information is shared.

Chechar said...

Psychohistory is the study that differential childrearing modes among the cultures produce different mental disorders (what is happening in today’s West is obviously a mental disorder). My 4th book presents psychohistory to an audience that has never heard of it. The solution to the current crisis is a totally separate issue. However, if unlike Spencer et al we understand the whys of our current predicament, that understanding can boost our confidence.

Not only Spencer, but Fjordman is also baffled about the root etiology. Kevin MacDonald explains half of it. I say “half” because his model doesn’t quite explain satisfactorily how gentiles in Ireland or Sweden also became body-snatched pods with few evil Jews out there to “snatch” the mind of the poor Irish or Swedes. That’s why I still use the term “liberalism” to refer to the Jews’ destructive religion, liberalism, which happens to be also the self-destructive religion of some gentiles. We need both models, MacDonald’s and mine, to understand western self-hatred (only in my 5th book do I deal, at the very end, with final solutions). But in these threads we are still discussing the 4th. As I said in the aborted GoV epilogue to my Quetzalcoatl:

“Since in this postscript I do not pretend to offer anything else than a prolegomena to this complex subject, let us put my main hypothesis in a nutshell: Due to unresolved childhood trauma, since the latter half of the last century the pathological hatred to the Other among westerners has been transferred into pathological hatred to Oneself.”

Explaining it is complex and won’t be clear until I translate for my blog the third part of my Quetzal, “Psychohistory in Meta-Perspective”, which is about 25,000 words (the longest chapters of the book).

I doubt that counter-jihadists or WNs will pay any attention to my stuff though. As I also said in the aborted epilogue: “I decided that the manuscript should stay at the monastery of Lindisfarne. If there is indeed a political, social or economic crash in the future that might start to reverse the current paradigm, the survivors might find someday at the monastery’s library a dusty, marginal and far-fetched psychological model to figure out where could the monsters that destroyed this civilization have come from.”

Monsters from the Id... That’s what my 4th is about.

Russel said...

The only thing that matters is the solution.

"Why's" can be interesting as a form of entertainment for the mind, but also poisonously distracting.

The only reason most people would read about the problem, especially this problem, is for how to correct it.

What I don't get is you claim to want to correct the situation among Whites yet you do this strange slow parceling out of your thoughts instead of just spitting it out.

If you're already assuming that the situation is lost then you are part of what creates the problem.

You should just say what you think the solution is.

The kind of rationalizing you are doing is a pretty good example of what hinders restoring Whites more than anything to do with upbringing.

Russel said...

You also need to summarize your information. 25,000 words is way too long.

1,500 should be the maximum.


Chechar said...

I confess I didn’t get your point in the first post except—:

@ “The only thing that matters is the solution.”

The latest TOQ article, “Join the Dance”, offers a practical solution, as well as the previous articles discussing a forthcoming American secession. (Perhaps you will be glad to hear that in my 5th book I don’t envision a “final solution” of the Jews.)

Etiology matters.

As I said in the aborted GoV postscript: “In science and especially in medicine it is considered barely scientific to approach a disease if its cause is not well established. Mental disorders for example are so mysterious that after a century of research professionals are still debating whether they truly belong to the medical specialty in the first place. In this book I have tried to advance a hypothesis about the basic etiology of the West’s madness by means of an appropriation from the right of a psychohistorical model created, and developed by, leftists.”

As to summarize a whole book, I already tried to do it in Ibid: “Throughout most history westerners identified a variety of scapegoats for their unresolved traumas. Alas, once the West itself is the identified whipping-boy for the current group fantasy, it is considered fair-play to project even the most psychotic forms of self-loathing onto ourselves, like president Clinton telling an Arab audience that it is ‘very positive’ that whites will be no more the majority in America in the next few decades”.

The problem, of course, is that “group fantasy” is a complex concept that requires a little more psychohistorical reading, appropriated and taken over from the left to the right people of course. (The founder of psychohistory will surely hate my long chapter “A critique of Lloyd deMause” :)

Russel said...

Ah, I understand more where you are coming from now.

In that sense we do disagree - I do not think speculation on cause matters as much as you think. What works to correct the situation is what matters: "How do you change this" is more important than "why is this so".

As you use your example with mental disorders, and I could cite countless others from hard sciences, the ability to find what causes something changes every decade or so or remains perpetually in debate.

What gets the results you want is more important.

I think you are probably basically quarantining yourself with your approach.

Chechar said...

@ “I think you are probably basically quarantining yourself with your approach.”

Eh? I already said I wrote Quetzal before I became aware of Islamization, etc., which is why I interpolated the Muslims passages for the translated version. And I don’t care that counter-jihadists ignore psychohistory.

The experience that I have with disturbed adults, e.g. those who were abused as children and presently suffer from an individual fantasy, is that they never regain mental health with quack therapies (psychiatric pills, “psychoanalysis”, new age remedies, scientology, etc.). Only integrating the parental-abuse trauma within our conscious psyche heals, but just like a body surgery that is painful as hell.

The same applies to group fantasies. The objective of translating my stuff is not “healing” anyone but, as I said, trying to ponder where do the Id monsters came from. See that clip of the 1956 film and guess what do I mean.

Do this mean that counter-jihadists will take the Id hypothesis seriously? No. I will continue to be quarantined as you say, even if I hadn’t shifted my view on the Jewish question. But at least I know, like the Doc in that film, what caused the whole mess.


Chechar said...

This is my final analysis about that crazy leftist woman that even Auster mentioned in VFR when criticizing me:

I wouldn’t have written this comparatively long analysis were it not for Tere’s hatred of the West and her craving for its destruction. We already saw that she told me she really loved the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the Moorish immigration that is taking away what force remains of Christendom in Spain; that she thinks that every single family is noxious, and that she wishes that “everything collapses,” referring to our society.

The sad thing about cases like Tere’s is that there are many of them. What moves me to post this entry is that in the counter-jihad movement there is no psychological analysis whatsoever, not even in the slightest form, of why leftist people hate their civilization. I believe that this case illustrates it. The volcano of rage that Tere carries inside never explodes in the form of speaking out about her real aggressors. She re-directs it [the “monsters from the Id”] to the culture that, in her mind, symbolizes her family: the Francoist Spain and everything related to conservatism: the political right, the traditional family and the traditional education, the United States, Israel... Tere gives a damn about the fact that in other cultures the treatment of women is far worse than what she got as a child. That’s irrelevant. What only maters is the destruction of the culture that crucified her. Period.

I’ve said that this case illustrates what Octavio Paz wrote. Tere and I have the same age and we both suffered in Catholic families at the same time. Comparing the two biographies, it’s evident that I was a victim of more serious parental abuse that what she suffered.

But I don’t desire the destruction of my civilization. Before the trauma, even big trauma, there still exists individual responsibility. That someone devotes himself to speaking out about child abuse (like me), or contributing to destroy the West through voting for the socialist party (like Tere), only shows that there’s indeed something like surrendering our will to evil.

If leftist feminists were good persons, the first thing they would do is to feel compassion, say, for the girls whose genitals have been chopped off at their parents’ request. But these women do exactly the opposite: they hate the guys who pity the pubescent Muslims, as Tere hated me in her quoted e-mails.

Tere and the rest of the far-leftist women chase after an unconscious revenge. Nietzsche had already noticed it when he wrote that “a little woman chasing after her revenge would over-run fate itself.” With so many voters like Tere in Spain and in the world, the fate of the otherwise promising West is on the threshold. Tere’s suicidal ideation, aborted by the psychiatric institution that she hates so much, transmutes itself into the suicide of the West [again, the monsters from the Id] since, alas, more people like her breath with me in this world.

Chechar said...

Now you know what all of this “extermination of the Neanderthals” (the rough title of my fifth and last book) is all about...

worldwidemaryo said...


I just wanted to say that I appreciate your writings, and I also appreciate the journey you are on.

GOV and many other brilliant sites have helped me immensely, and now I too am reading more of the White Nationalist focused blogs.
I admit I am ignorant on many topics, and that I have reservations and differences on some important issues, but as I am a work in progress, I will leave it at that for now.

I just wanted to offer you some...well...encouragement and perhaps a bit of consolation. I am sorry that your story is not being finished on GOV, but I admire them so much and I have to believe and accept they have their reasons.

Regardless of what anyone else does, I do plan to keep reading you! You are doing good work.


God Bless