Thursday, November 05, 2009

Why do so many westerners hate the West?

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Adelaide Dupont said...

Tere had taste all right (about the Oliver Sacks books)!

I hope I understand a little more why "Westerners hate the West".

Yes, the psychology of today is probably one-sided.

Chechar said...

Hi Adelaide,

For reasons that I cannot understand, Blogger doesn’t include the date in these comment posts, only the hour (this has been quite a problem in the very first post of this blog, the 2006 “Eschatology” entry: since I got quite a few comments there). So I must say that I am writing this on 6 November 2009.

And on 6 November 2009 I also published the above “Third entry” here about Tere’s 9/11 utterance, not in a new entry so that when I finish my translation the whole article will be available in an unbroken way, as it is the original piece in Spanish. (Now I cannot delete the whole thing and repost it again when translation is finished because your comment would be accidentally deleted.)

Now I’ll try to translate my so-called “4th” entry…

Adelaide Dupont said...

Have just seen the fourth entry.

There's a way that you can change the dates in Blogger. Go to the Comments timestamp and change the timestamp to whatever you want. It's essentially the same principle as Formatting, on the tab to the left. (You do this in Blog Properties, wherever they are).

Here are the relevant links:
(where you put in your blogID and don't let us know about it)

Have now seen the third and fourth entries. Wanted to comment on how neither you nor Tere were listening - to yourselves and to each other. It's like you were on a separate track.

Maybe the trash bag was symbolic. Maybe when she was poorer she would have to throw some of her favourite things out. Some people in cults use 'flea bags' to get out from place to place and take nothing but their most worldly goods.

Nasty organic material: food? We throw ours into the compost bin, of which we have 2.

It's really sad that the world is becoming extinct. And yet by 2050 the prediction is still massive population growth.

So you've translated a quarter of the article thus far? 3426 words? Then it will be 12,000-13,000 words?

The September 11 utterance is most important. The towers falling down gave her an orgasm! She is probably not alone in that sentiment.

Adelaide Dupont said...

PS: What about the alien engrams? (I borrow from Scientology here).

The whole 'abjection' thing from Julia Kristeva has been in my mind and thoughts the past year or two. It's basically a horror of the self which becomes the Other.

Chechar said...

Alien engrams? Scientology? I wrote an online book debunking Scientology. It's my hit in the internet. But it's in Spanish...

@ "Wanted to comment on how neither you nor Tere were listening - to yourselves and to each other."

The point is that the normal thing to do before a maniac of cleanness, etc., is to disconnect; not to listen to her various mania-rationalizing speeches.

Thanks for the date tip. I already fixed it.

Adelaide Dupont said...

I probably wouldn't have said cleaniness mania. In a non-abusive home, cleanliness is a very good thing, or at least morally and psychologically neutral, and the whole family works together to achieve it (at least in an ideal world).

I meant alien embryos, which seems to me a metaphor out of science fiction.

Did try to read your Scientology piece, at least the first two (web) pages of it.

I would probably tune out too, but not because it was 'normal', but probably because it was not interesting and quite intrusive.

Thanks for the 5th and 6th sections. Not to defend Tere or her beliefs or actions, but 'concrete block of a head' is getting a little abusive. It's true that you can't hit nails into concrete; they are for wood. And even wood does not scream! (Though, unlike concrete, it was at least once alive, if not conscious).

The sixth section gets to the heart of the matter. A liberalism which protects versus one that destroys.

I did try to read ahead, in Section 8 (the eighth entry). There are at least 12 sections and then the conclusion.

Chechar said...

So you read Spanish? (There are fourteen “entries” in the Spanish article. The last one is the most important).

@ In a non-abusive home, cleanliness is a very good thing, or at least morally and psychologically neutral.

Cleanliness is good. But remember that both the maid and I had already cleaned the bath-tube… twice! The maid and I were so concerned about the whiteness that Teresa demanded that we did it twice to make it sure she would be satisfied.

She wasn’t.

When she arrived from Madrid she checked up the tube and found something that the eye just didn't met. She gave me a speech about how, by touching the tube, she felt some granulations. Although the tube looked shining white, she interpreted what she touched with her fingertips as dirtiness, and embarked on the third thorough tube cleaning after the maid did it on Thursday and I on Sunday!

No: I think that “concrete for a head” pretty much describes Tere’s stubbornness…

Яша said...

demasiado largo, pero creo saber más o menos por dónde va el asunto. Cuando hubo la quema de autos en Francia, en 2005 creo, hablaba con una chica francesa y me dijo que a ella le parecía mucho peor que Sarkozy llamase a los delicuentes "racailles" que la destrucción de la propiedad privada. Loca de mierda.

Chechar said...

Hi Яша,

May I ask you to post instead in the original article in Spanish (this is the English translation).

Click HERE.

Homophobic Horse said...

The article was worth waiting for thanks.

I haven't read anyone as disturbing as Chechar since Nietzsche.

Jaroslaw said...

The current generation of parents is leftist.
The abused children will turn against their parents world, so the children will become conservative.

I say so because my parents where socialist and I as abused child hate everything leftist, multicultural, Islamic.

May be it is just a sinusoid and when my generation will finally grab the power from baby boomer socialists, we will turn Europe into some intolerant (for other races of course) European paradise.