Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Conservative Swede’s Weltanschauung

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Kenny said...

If the HA defeat the "immigrant gang" the Black Cobras and their support group the Black Ghosts, then what would happen next? What could happen next?

Interesting questions. Medium to long term, the HA could engage in a war of attrition with similar groups throughout Europe, and the world. (The HA being a global OMG.)

I'm not sure if that's their agenda though. This might just be a local thing.

Mind you, if other "immigrant gangs" do in other territories what the Black Cobras have done in Denmark, and somehow get in the HA's bad books - or if the Black Cobras somehow manage to do what the HA have done, and start up similar groups in different territories - then the possibility of a long-term conflict is there.

We've read how the Denmark HA have a support group (AK81) but this isn't a new idea - Hells Angels have done this for years. It's possible though that more "mainstream" people could sign up for such groups though. This appears to have happened in Denmark, and there's no reason to suppose that, given a similar set of circumstances, it couldn't happen elsewhere.

It's conceivable then, that this conflict could spread out and involve more people, but you raised an interesting question on G of V when you wondered about whether such a conflict could target collaborators.

Very interesting indeed. A key issue, I think. If that line was crossed, then things could become more bitter, and more of a permanent state of affairs.

Chechar said...

Hi Kenny,

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Kenny said...

I was quite surprised by that other fellow going off the deep end like that. Well, not too surprised given his track record. The original topic seemed to be forgotten fairly quickly. Some of the participants in that thread seemed more interested in showing everyone how clever they were, and putting forward vague, pseudo-intellectual predictions of imminent doom, rather than trying to actually discuss in a meaningful way the one percenters and their current conflict with the "immigrant gangs" in Denmark.

I also found that this whole idea of the Hells Angels being some kind of saviours of civilisation very naive. Those boys are not part of regular society, and to think that they'll somehow come in from outside society - waaay outside - and start running things is a bit of a childish fantasy.

I think some of the people at G of V have read too many of those post-apocalyptic novels that were popular years ago, that whole Jerry Ahern genre, where the Soviet Union kicked off a nuclear war, and the only people left afterwards were gangs of marauding bikers.

I read one or two of those novels as well, years ago. But I understood at the time that they were just make-believe.

Maybe some of those G of V people read Jerry Ahern and let it get to them.

You'll notice too that the Baron & his wife didn't seem too pleased when I pointed out that his predictions of doom and gloom were simply predictions, & nothing more. Apparently his thinking about all matters financial is to be taken as law. This from a guy who can't hold down a job & relies on contributions to run a rinky dink little website! Yeah, right!

There are some huge egos over at G of V. It's a shame because it's a pretty good website usually, and a worthwhile project, in the grand scheme of things.

Oh well, never mind, on to more important - and more interesting - things than discussing G of V second hand.

As I said, it's usually a pretty good website, & it's done well covering the reports of the Hells Angels, but I think that particular story could be covered in a more meaningful way.

Chechar said...

I enjoyed a lot your latest posts in the HA thread but missed how the
Baron & his wife didn't seem pleased when you pointed out that about doom. Is it in another thread?

I stick to what I wrote: the future cannot be predicted. The West is in such a bad shape that to make a prophecy in a way that saves the West is an all too understandable human frailty, even if it's no more that a wishful hope.

I believe the substance of the Baron’s essay is not the HA hope, however. It’s what I posted just below this entry.



Kenny said...

Don't get me wrong, I rate the G of V quite highly and like the owners, I just got the impression that there were some egos on display in that thread, and in some cases posturing was more important than anything else.

Maybe I read too much into the comments by the owners, but it seemed to me that there was, to some degree at least, an expectation that the owner's views should simply be accepted. We're all guilty of that I suppose, if we put some work into an article and post it on our own website then we can all be a bit prickly when someone comes along and disagrees with what we've said.

I agree that it's very difficult to make accurate predictions, but it is interesting to think about what might happen following this conflict between the Hells Angels and the immigrant gangs.

I'm listening to Jay Dobyns' book about infiltrating the Hells Angels just now. Very interesting. It seems to me that the bikers in Denmark may have released their "jackal manifesto" as a way to "frame" what's happening, and to encourage non-bikers to join AK81. In other words, they had short-term, local aims.

But if other bikers read the "jackal manifesto" and incorporate that kind of thinking into the "group" mentality which already exists, then perhaps what appears to be a Danish conflict could spread throughout the Hells Angels organisation.

It is possible for Hells Angels, wherever they are, to see other biker groups as adversaries. Maybe groups like the Black Cobras could be seen by Hells Angels around the world in the same way.

Maybe that "meme" could spread, if I can put it like that.

Chechar said...

Maybe posturing has been more important than anything else in the case of some commenters. I am relatively new to GoV. I like a lot Robert Spencer: he is a great speaker, and he's humble.

By the way, do you know I am publishing a book in GoV? The first chapter has been published today.

Roman said...

too bad about you and ConSwede falling out, it left indeed a bitter aftertaste. Hope it changes yet. I think it is really about too big egos, and cultural misunderstandings probably... I must admit I was mesmerised by his ideas and appreciate your putting the stuff together in easily readable form.
I am also a newbie in the scene and I am very grateful to all of you guys for sharing your ideas. I really learn a lot from you.

Chechar said...

Hi Roman,

I am also a newbie: I discovered the subject of Islamization in less than a year! That’s why the collection of these posts are mere summaries. When I become more learned I will write down my *own* ideas in this blog. However, in my latest post I start to talk about my differences with the major figures in the movement, even though I admire them all (except Johnson).

Yes: Con Swede mesmerized me too. I guess his Nietzschean worldview is too advanced for most GoVers (have you read my latest posts there?). In fact, Swede has not been posting in GoV recently. He had phoned me and we talked for hours a few days before… the events summarized above.

Oh, yes: this weekend I am moving out of Spain. No more sunny days in this island of Gran Canaria...



icr said...

Well, there are a few things which Protestant right-wingers feel they have approval to hate, such as the state. Depending on the blend of right-winger, this is very common. But this is not very helpful, since the only thing they manage to achieve is to create an atomized society in concert with the left...

I thought rightists-at least of the Anglo-American variety-were supposed to support civil society against the claims of the state-Burke's "little platoons" and the voluntary associations that Tocqueville spoke of. Civil society has -of course- greatly diminished with the rise of the managerial state, but there is still a remnant mainly in the form of churches. Also most rightist opposition is to the centralized state and they support devolution to the state and local levels of government.

Anonymous said...

It's funny, but I'm more or less like ConSwede about the future. I believe that if we get our act together(aka a dramatic mind shift) we will solve all our problems. I'm actually excited about this era coming to an end because it's stupid version of good and right make me feel uncomfortable and not at home. They're also inefficient. What depressed me is the present and the slow circling of the drain until that shift will happen. And the idea that we might just surrender is upsetting.

Chechar said...

Big mentor Michael O’Meara holds a view similar to Swede’s. How fascinating...