Tuesday, March 08, 2011

On Mangan’s

Thoughtful discussions in the blogosphere that address and refute the liberal dogmas are so scant that in my blog list I included the site of Dennis Mangan (photo) even though his reactionary views sometimes contrast dramatically with my nationalist views.

In the past months I removed two recommended blogsites from my list, Occidental Dissent and Occidental Quarterly because since the last year these guys no longer pass Alex Linder’s acid test for the true white nationalist: (1) explicitly racial, (2) name the Jew and (3) the ethnostate as the ultimate goal.

Although Dennis Mangan cannot pass this test either—he fails on #3 and his blog is not exactly a racialist site—I kept it in my list because Mangan’s commentariat section is almost always stuffed with intelligent comments on reactionary topics, including Dennis’ own comments.

Yes: I understand perfectly that conservative reactionaries don’t have to share always our nationalist views. We respectfully agree to disagree. But today the following reasonable comment didn’t even clear Dennis’ moderation in one of his discussion threads.

This is my comment that Dennis censored:

Dennis Mangan wrote:

“Other things [from the commenters] that do not get posted: the merest hint of a threat of violence or the advocating of it; gratuitous ethnic insults; and if you mention the H-man or the NS state, you better have a really, really good reason to do so.”

Well: I am glad you have said this because now I understand why some comments don’t get through. Still, why do you have such policy?

Last year I received my first lesson on the “H man” in a blog that does not promote him at all (Occidental Dissent, here). On the contrary, most OD-ers believe that any mention of NS Germany in WN circles is a non-starter. Like most OD-ers, for decades I had swallowed too the accepted, post 1945 wisdom about the NS state and purchased books on the subject only with the PC imprimatur. But in that Occidental Dissent discussion I witnessed for the first time in my life a vigorous exchange that would be unthinkable in other blogs, let alone in MSM.

The discussion ended in a sort of draw or stalemate when a Jewess intervened with silly posts, but I learnt more in a couple of days than what I had previously learned about NS by reading books, or watching the History Channel.

Yes: I know that here at Mangan’s we can finally discuss the Jewish Question, which in other sites is still taboo.

Counter-jihadists are so ignorant about the JQ that they simply cannot respond when one confronts them with historical facts that they had never heard of. For example, a couple of days ago I posted, under my real name, comments telling Robert Spencer et al that Stalin’s Jews killed more innocent civilians than Hitler’s willing executioners.

They had never heard of it before. Why? Precisely because what they call “anti-Semitic” views are taboo in counter-jihad sites.

Dennis Mangan is somewhat better. For a time he censored the posts of those conscious about the Jewish Question. But like me, Mangan saw the light and he now accepts discussing it.

Alas, conservative reactionaries have their limits, too. For them National Socialism, the coming revolution and the “H-man,” as Mangan put it, are, and will continue to be, taboo.


Chechar said...

This discussion has continued in the blogsite Age of Treason, here.

Anonymous said...

A look at the blogroll is always telling. Mangan is pretty kosher.